Pelosi’s Historical Decision Likely Political Suicide for Democrats

Pelosi’s Historical Decision Likely Political Suicide for Democrats

America's Voice Admin
September 25, 2019

Will this Nancy Pelosi Decision Cause an Explosion of Epic Proportions?

The early morning hours of November 9, 2016, were indeed historic for the United States. America had just elected the first President in over a century that had never held any political office. The official announcement came around 1:00 AM central time for me personally. By late morning of the 9th of November, I began hearing rumblings that the election had been manipulated and stolen by former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and, the Donald himself, Vladimir Putin, and a host of others that were now criminally liable for “stealing” an American election. 

Almost from the first hours of his Presidency, Donald Trump had the media, Democrat talking pundits, and self-described experts with inside knowledge explaining to the American people how Trump’s election was not legitimate and Hillary Clinton was the “real-president” of this nation.

It is now late September of 2020, and for some 34-months, the American people have endured countless news stories about President Donald Trump’s supposed corrupt election. They have been forced to put up with a Robert Mueller investigation that wasted tens of millions of dollars and produced nothing except the proof that the President was correct when he described Capitol Hill as a “Deep State.” 

Our great nation has been forced to witness some of the greatest scandals in our political history, and as of yet, nobody in the media has come to the defense of the President who the American people legitimately elected. 

It has now been proven that many in leadership roles at our nation’s top law enforcement department were corrupt and outright protected the real criminals in this massive conspiracy. It has been proven that the President had absolutely nothing to do with the Russian government in his winning of the White House, yet rumors and innuendo persist that he did in the mass media. 

Through all of the trashing of our once proud FBI, the Democrats, corrupted circuit court Judges working in conjunction with ideologically driven liberal politicians have filed almost a truckload of lawsuits against this President and his White House to prevent him from doing his job that he had promised the American people he would do. 

The once revered and proud Democrat Party of these United States, the party of FDR, Truman, JFK, and many other great Democrats have done nothing except to drive wedges between races of Americans, economic classes, and sexual proclivities of our citizens. They have done everything in their power to hinder and create roadblocks for President Trump and his governance of our nation. 

My question for all the above is this; “And for what?” Why have the Democrat Party with all of their power, money, and prestige invested nearly 3-years in trying in vain to depose an Administration, invalidate an election, and segregate most America from what they chose in the first place? Why? Furthermore; Why would nearly an entire media empire in this nation go along with it? Where were Woodward and Bernstein when we needed real investigative journalism? Where has the truth gone in this nation? Why has the media (who is supposed to be the keeper of our liberty and freedom) relinquished their responsibility to people who with very straight faces get on nightly talk shows and spew outright uninvestigated lies about a sitting President and his administration? Are they that stupid as to not realize the damage they are doing to an entire nation?

The mass media in this nation with their laissez-faire attitude about truth and justice “for-all-Americans” have created a tinder box that is about to explode into a massive bonfire that has the potential to create mass devastation.

Rachel Maddow has been spewing her partisan lies for years, and yet nobody calls her out for it. Why?

When and “God-Forbid” if this does happen; Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Don Lemmon, the entire morning and evening newscasters at ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and all the rest need to be held responsible for whatever happens. It will be your personal politically driven beliefs that drove this nation into a ditch and allowed (and in most cases encouraged) these liberal left wing ideologues to take this nation to the point of near self-destruction. 

If the United States is lucky, what will simply happen is that we get the next 3-6 months of talking gibberish from a bunch of Democrats who want camera time during the many Congressional hearings that we are about to be forced to endure. That is if we are lucky and the American people have enough sense to see through all of the cow manure being spread. Furthermore, if the luck continues, the Democrats, in the end, will be forced to “eat-Crow” and say that Donald Trump is guilty (once again) of nothing except overzealous reporters printing lies, lies, and more lies. 

HOWEVER; If we get to the end, and the Democrats do recommend actual impeachment proceedings to begin, you can most likely expect an eruption from 60,000,000 plus Americans which has the potential to turn very ugly very rapidly. Here is why!

The Presidential voters and supporters know full well that their elected President has been a victim of a massive witch hunt for nearly 3-years. Nothing the Democrats have done has been able to dilute that support. In fact, his popularity has only increased. Now they are attempting to drop the political atomic bomb, that being impeaching this President for very thin if any evidence of a supposed crime against our nation. 

The American people are not stupid for the most part. We know full well that Joe Biden threatened the President of Ukraine (with withholding billions in foreign aid) if he did not fire a Special Prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter. We know this because Biden himself went on television and bragged about his political prowess when he did this back in 2018. Biden himself confessed to this action when he was a sitting Vice-President. Yet nothing was done! No reporting by the media, no investigations by an Attorney General, nothing but crickets. 

Now; possibly (it remains to be seen) supposedly President Trump asked the President of Ukraine to look into this and all of the sudden Trump has sold out America and committed heinous crimes against our nation? 


There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking the leader (if you happen to be a leader yourself) of a foreign nation to “look into something.” Secondly, the President has every right to put on hold foreign aid if they sit fit or want to withhold that aid for just about any reason they want to. Not saying that Trump did this, I am only saying that he has the right if he so desires. 

Does Nancy Pelosi actually think that the American people are going to stand back and allow a liberal partisan Congress to remove our duly elected President for these weak (at best) charges when their candidate for President admitted to crimes on national television? Really? 

Get ready America! As we say down South, the “Fertilizer is about to hit the fan,” and this has the potential to become very dangerous and very ugly. And when it does; you can blame it on the media and their sycophant politicians on Capitol Hill. 

By Ken W. Crow


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