Part 2 of fixing the U.S. flag!

Part 2 of fixing the 🇺🇸 flag!

As long as this country continues to have great men and women willing to step up to do what is right, we will always prevail.

It doesn’t take many, it just takes a determined and convicted few. I believe with all my heart and soul there is a wave of patriots in this country growing in strength and confidence each day. While we watch parts of our country fall to mainstream confusion, complacency, and ignorance, there is a few that are willing to climb or stand or do whatever it takes. The greatest way to live is by our actions.

EVERY SINGLE DAY we are given an opportunity. It’s a choice. We either take it or we don’t. I would have to say my favorite part of the day given that my last video has started to go viral, is the woman I had the pleasure to meet that simply said “God bless you”. ⁣

“For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorance of foolish people.” ⁣
1 Peter 2:15 #thewilltofight