Jeffrey Elliott
July 17, 2019

To support our President and stop the radical elements in Congress and Restore our Christian heritage!

The subversive positions of Open borders, cultural relativism, globalism and hatred of so called “white Christian nationalism” are endorsed and embraced mainly by self-declared enemies of the State, white European American haters and power-hungry elite liberals seeking power through racial and ethnic identity politics.

It is important to understand in terms of national security that the open border globalist crowd are subversive and antithetical to American interests and the interests of the American heartland.

These contemptuous persons have even by illegal vote and in high immigrant districts been elected to Congress. Thus, much of Congress no longer represent the views of the American people nor favor the intention or spirit of the American Constitution. The descent into organized chaos and the open endorsement of anti-American policies coupled with outspoken contempt for American history, especially “white American history” saliently underscores the intensity of the nature of this cold American Civil War. Now is not the time for fence sitting but a time for American conservatives and patriots to stand firmly for traditional American values.

Tolerance in the main, has been considered a worthwhile American value. However, under the present circumstances, “tolerance” of the rising anti-American sentiment, adopted by open border and Globalists forces, allied in their subversive purpose to destroy the traditional American way of life. Moreover, dramatically transform the demographics of the American population and embrace the politics of racial and ethnic identity fueled by white hatred as a replacement for religious devotion and Christian virtue alleviates the need for tolerance.

It is now time to act and stop these insidious forces which have penetrated the halls of Congress and some State legislatures and State executive officer.

This insidious liberalism is determined to destroy Federalism as presented pursuant to the American Constitution and replace the doctrine of Federalism with racial identity politics. This terrible assault on the American Republic requires the American citizenry to be intolerant of such an anti-American agenda and to act forthrightly and in earnest to stop the liberal cancerous disease growing in American communities.

As it now stands the Trump Administration is the one bright star in standing up against the seditious forces of evil attempting to overwhelm traditional America.

Now is not the time for the weak or complacent America! Now is the time for a call to arms! Political arms! It is the time conservative Americans (of all races, creeds and colors) to stand tall as true patriots, support our President and fight against the forces of evil attempting to destroy our nation. Especially, evil forces contemptuous of American traditions, institutions and values among the ranks of congress. These seditionists in our republics congress must be dealt with firmly and forcibly. A Cromwellian Congress will never preserve liberty and the result will be servitude to liberalism and slavery to globalist oppression.

Moreover, the African American Christian Nationalist movement has also been under extreme attack and defamation by these seditious and defamatory liberal members of the American Congress. Ironically, but nonetheless true, the Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin are raising the standard of Christianity among the peoples and nations of the Rus, while the liberal secularists, Muslim extremist organizations, ANTIFA and other anti-American organizations openly attempt to destroy American Christianity.

No doubt, the secularist liberal faithless in the American Congress in their cynical and obnoxious frenzy will attempt to spin it as only Russian manipulation, rather than true Russian Christian revival. Who cares what congressional idiots say? The truth is many in Russia are finding their Christian faith while the secular liberal and some Islamic members of the American congress are desperately trying to destroy Christianity in America.

This is ironic because during the cold war with Russia the Bolsheviks were desperately trying to obliterate the Christian faith in the Soviet Union; indoctrinating the Slavic peoples of the Soviet Union to abandon their sacred faith in Christianity. That is the past, under President Putin and in Greater Russia Christianity is being restored to the faiths rightful place in Russian culture. Liberals despise the restoration of Christianity among the Russian nations.

Ironically, in present day America, evil forces are attempting to obliterate and destroy American Christianity.

California may become the first American State to abandon her religious prerogatives in favor of complete secularism. One must look no further than the current Cromwellian Congress. This anti-Christian congress is adept at calling good evil and evil good!

Thus far, the Trump Administration has served as a mighty bulwark against the massive tidal wave of congressional anti-Christian sentiment and feeling. Without reasonable dispute, President Trump has been the leader in maintaining the American Republics Christian history and heritage.

It is no exaggeration to comment that like Charlemagne, President Trump has stepped into the breach of the crumbling western walls of faith to stand as a champion for Christ in America and the West.

Much in the same way, Putin has restored the Russian inheritance of the Byzantine mantel to protect, preserve and strengthen Eastern Christianity. Conservatives in the main agree it is largely the Christian faith that has sustained western civilization. President Trump has stepped into the fires of battle and has magnificently stood his ground in the breach to preserve the American heritage of Christianity and nationhood.

That is why so many of the Christian faithful hail him as a modern Charlemagne protecting the western Christian churches from being obliterated, marginalized and persecuted by secular globalist elites, Muslim and Marxist hostiles in congress. President Trump like Washington has defended the Christian faith and declared liberty to the American Republic.

President Trump, like Washington, clearly declares to citizens of the Republic, the fight is mainly not with the North Koreans, Chinese and certainly not with the beautiful Slavic peoples of Greater Russia, but rather the most important American battle is the battle to reclaim and restore our American Christian heritage.

By Jeffrey E. Elliott, Esq.