Nancy Pelosi Reelection ‘Personification Of Why Democrats’ Lost Election

Video Transcript:

Networks, even CNN, see Nancy Pelosi as the embodiment of why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

JOHN BERMAN: She’s a very good caucus leader, but she is the personification, in some ways, of why the Democrats lost. She’s a San Francisco liberal. She’s a coastal liberal – elite, seen as out of touch with the middle of the country. So when you talk about the future of the Democratic Party, Mark Preston, where is it? What is it?

MARK PRESTON: And I think this is the great untold story because you know, obviously our focus has been, you know, 1,000 percent on Donald Trump and how he’s going to govern the country. But the fact is the Democratic Party is in total shatters right now. And it isn’t just Nancy Pelosi, it’s also the United States Senate, Democrats there, and it’s also State houses across the country. And the Democratic Party, I mean, to your point, is aging out at this point. They need some fresh, young leaders in there to come in with new ideas.

That’s because the Democrat party leadership is really, really old.

[TWEET] The average age of the House Republican leadership is 47. The average age of the House Democratic leadership is 76.

Fox News argued that Republicans should be thrilled Nancy Pelosi was reelected.

BRIAN KILMEADE: You know who’s the happiest? Republican leadership because they feel as though they’ve been steamrolling her for the last eight years plus, and she’s the reason why they lost the majority in the House. She does a lot of great things to raise money for a lot of members who feel as though they owe the support to her because she does a lot of fundraising. But she’s somebody that still at her age, at her point in her career, still feels it’s necessary to lead a party that she helped tank. And I think [Tim] Ryan made a name for himself. He came out and said some things that only Republicans have been saying, “They’ve become a regional party, not a national party, the message is not resonating.”

LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY: But what does it say when your rich, great, great aunt – you have to continually kiss that musty ring. How horrifying for so many Democrats! Especially the freshman class – the few of them – and the younger generation of Democrats who see exactly what Ryan is talking about.

MELISSA FRANCIS: Nancy Pelosi is all about bringing in those rich dollars from everywhere, she’s so connected. They’re afraid to disconnect from that but they don’t see that she is Hillary Clinton. I mean, this is exactly why they lost the election. It’s this rich, elite, out of touch, they don’t care about workers, they care more about the environment than anything else and workers in middle America have seen that and have felt betrayed. And like you said, yes, Republicans are thrilled that they’ve kept Nancy Pelosi in charge. Just keep heading down this road that has been a disaster for you in this last election.