Long Lines Outside Costco in California Amid COVID-19 Virus Fear

Scores of people line up outside Costco in California, Sunday, March 15, as people try and stock up on supplies during the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

––––––––– READ MORE: The government’s top infectious disease expert said Sunday he would like to see aggressive measures such as a 14-day national shutdown that would require Americans to hunker down even more to help slow spread of the coronavirus. Still, Dr. Anthony Fauci said travel restrictions within the United States, such as to and from hard-hit Washington state and California, probably will not be needed anytime soon.

Fauci, the public face of the administration’s messaging during a round of morning TV interviews, said the country should do as much as “we possibly could,” even if officials are criticized for “overreacting.” He said he raised the issue of measures such as a shutdown with the Trump administration and said they have been open to his ideas.