Liberties Last Stand-Is America Collapsing?

Liberties Last Stand-Is America Collapsing?

Ken Crow
October 16, 2020

Proletariat v Bourgeoisie

A more modern description of these very formal terms would be the “working or middle-class” versus the “wealthy or super-rich” in our society. 

Jealousy or greed is a prevalent affliction within our very souls. It is perfectly normal to be jealous of the neighbor who is given a raise at work and purchases that new bass boat you have always wanted. In fact, it is normal and harmless for you to be a bit envious of the neighbor’s new boat and even walk over at times and drool on it. 

What happens, though, when you become consumed with this jealousy or allow the feeling to consume you to the point of you stealing the boat, taking it to the lake, and then getting arrested for doing so? 

This would be the age-old tactic currently being utilized in our nation by the Democrat party. Because President Trump owns a $100,000,000.00 private jet, a New York City skyscraper, and a Country Club, he is evil. Because he owns all of these incredible possessions, he must be corrupt, and he must have stolen them on the backs of the working man. 

Because Bill Gates is worth some $90-Billion, he must be punished for being that greedy. It is not fair that the Walton family is so glutinously greedy while their employees only earn $14 an hour. 

It is so effortless when you live in a rent-subsidized apartment in the middle of (what most consider to be a ghetto) poor neighborhood to fall victim to the mentality that these wealthy people are the cause of your plight. This is particularly true when you have very polished politicians telling you that you are entitled to a better way of life, and if you vote for them, they will provide it for you.

If you are poor, this all sounds incredible and is very enticing. Nevermind that it will cost you, your freedom.

Senator Bernie Sanders tells you that you’re “entitled” to free education, $15-an hour for sacking groceries or building Big Mac’s, and you should be getting “free” medical care. To the single mom living in those horrific conditions while watching her neighbor’s son get gunned down in a drug deal gone bad, this all sounds magnificent.

Again; Free is good, free sounds magnificent, but in the end, you do pay for it. 

The reality is, Bill Gates earned his fortune through inventing something the world needed, and it made massive changes to our very society on a global scale. For this, he became fabulously wealthy beyond comprehension. As you log into your Facebook account today to check up on your friends, family and play some games, remember it was a college drop out that came up with a new widget that the entire world decided they wanted. So yes, this nerd from Harvard became rich from this new widget. 

The same held true for Henry Ford, then it was J. Paul Getty who would produce the bulk of the gasoline for Ford’s newest invention that he was mass-producing in Dearborn, Michigan. All became super-rich. None of the above magically became wealthy because of taking advantage of the impoverished. Yes, they all hired employees to produce their inventions. In Ford’s defense, he priced his new inventions to where all of his employees could afford to purchase one, and even made this known to the world.

Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how one looks at it), we do have Americans today that possess incredible fortunes. We even have a few that today own companies or the majority of the stock in companies that are worth in excess of $1-Trillion. 

Listening to Democrats, they would have you believe that Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Paul Allen, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson, and the Walton Family are all “Robber Baron’s” who have stolen from the poor to acquire their immense wealth.

Walmart was built through hard work. It did not magically become worth hundreds of billions overnight.

They (meaning the Democrats) don’t tell the public that Sam Walton began his Walmart empire in a single store in Bentonville, Arkansas, over 50-years ago. He saved his money, opened a second store, and began building from there. He raised the money to open more stores from his employees that he allowed to purchase stock in his company and who believed in his vision. This capital that the employees invested in created more millionaires than just about any company employee stock purchase plan in American history. 

Again, the Democrats don’t tell you this part of the story. They only tell you about the poor janitor earning $14 an hour. Then they tell you that the janitor should be earning $100-thousand a year for running his mop. 

America; we are but one breath away from losing our entire nation. Everything that those veterans paid the ultimate price for is about to go away because of envy, jealousy, and greed. 

Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and the rest are convincing the majority of younger Americans that they are being robbed and used to enrich a select few, and this is morally wrong. Unfortunately, it is working! 

The Russian Royal family was slaughtered because of greed, and envy. The Revolution permanently altered Russia forever.

The problem is that there is more that believe this line of thinking than there is that believe in hard work, tenacity, and the will to succeed. There are more living in those conditions that the Democrats put there on purpose than those who have worked their way up by their bootstraps.

We are witnessing history repeating itself in America. The French Revolution began from almost identical circumstances. The Russian Revolution, led by Karl Marx, began by inciting the working-class against the Royal Family and their immense wealth. 

Today we have Karl Marx (IE; Bernie, AOC, Kamala, etc.) spreading (through a complicit media) that the Koch’s, Walton’s, etc. are evil because of their fabulous wealth. What they don’t tell you is that Elon Musk is nearly single-handily paying out of his own pocket to send a man to Mars. They don’t tell you that Bill Gates is spending a fortune to come with vaccines to save millions upon millions of lives. (NO, I do not believe the QAnon crap about Gates. He has children and grandchildren and loves people like everyone else. I have personally met Mr. Gates and found him to be a very humble, nice fellow. I even played poker with him in Reno.)   

Historically speaking, when you have the Proletariat beaten down long enough, and they have found a leader, they often do rise against the Bourgeoisie.

In the case of America, the Bourgeosie is capitalism, and mostly the Republican Party. The unfortunate truth is, there are more Democrats (Proletariat) than there are those who still believe in our Republic and our Constitution. And I am terrified that America is about to change and not change for the better. 

It is not the Gates, Musk, Walton’s, and Trump’s fault; it is greed, envy, and petty jealousy that is the root cause of this transformation and those who are capitalizing on it. 

By Ken Crow


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