LEFTIST MAGAPHOBIA: Maga Hat Hate In San Francisco

What’s going on here?
Across the US people are getting triggered by a red MAGA hat. I hit the leftist streets of San Francisco to find out why.

At first no one would speak to me at all. They wouldn’t even make eye contact. I decided I had to be subtle and introduced my MAGA hat mid-conversation after getting them to agree to the interview. I actually wanted to try and understand their thinking (or lack of it).

What happened?
The hate and ignorance whipped up by the fake news media was on fire… Racist, bigotted, a**hole, xenophobic, homophobic, ignorant of the fact that Trump is targeting minorities, immigrants and even women! I was even told to not enter the local coffee shop as I would not be served! The problem is not a red hat. It is the left.

Talk MAGA to me!
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LEFTIST MAGAPHOBIA: Maga Hat Hate In San Francisco