Left Wing Lunacy was on Full Display in February

Left Wing Lunacy was on Full Display in February

March 3, 2020, 4:58 PM

Democrats continued their lunacy into February as Nancy Pelosi made a disgrace of herself and the Democrats ripping up a copy of the State of the Union.

By the same standard, the Articles of Impeachment were ripped up the next day after Adam Schiff made another circus of the impeachment trial desperately warning that President Trump could give Alaska to the Russians if not impeached.

Seems Democrats and their talking arm, the liberal media, have been hyping up the Coronavirus, hoping for a pandemic to reach America to somehow blame President Trump for this worldwide epidemic.  They seem happy that the stock market has tumbled with the fear and actually seem to be rooting for American misery.

While the Democrat elite continue to try to rig the election from Socialist Bernie Sanders, President Trump continued to feel his own “Bern” as a record number of voters in the presidential primary are voting for Trump.  In Iowa, Democrats could not count the votes while suggesting they can run healthcare. And as usual, the Democrats blamed their blunders on Republicans suggesting supporters had flooded the hotline adding to their confusion.

On the Democrat campaign trail, Democrats believe that illegal immigrants have as much rights as American citizens with Pete Buttigieg admitting illegal immigrants have “every bit of claim on this country as the rest of us.”  Bernie Sanders has praised communist leaders and pledged to legalize marijuana nationwide his first day and suggested allowing criminals and terrorist to vote from prison.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who supports Bernie, has suggested, “Convictions …. should not lead to deportation.”   Democrats in the House then passed a bill to allow illegal immigrants the right to sue employers and block a motion to ban illegals from working with unions.

While Democrats continue to pander to criminals, President Trump made a stop at the Daytona 500 with liberal loons complaining Trump was “using the apparatus of government for what appears to be a political event” entirely forgetting and had not problem when President Obama went to March Madness.

New York has also mocked the criminal justice system with laws favoring criminals.  One New York law does not prevent the identity of a witness resulting in the witness’s death in a trail of an MS-13 gang member.  These laws protect the criminal as one New York man was arrested three times in one day; but released each time due to the bail-reform law. 

Charles Barry, a New York resident has been arrested 139 times since January 1st bragged proudly, “It’s the Democrats!  The Democrats know me and the Republicans fear me.  You can’t touch me! I can’t be stopped!” As a 30 year officer both on the street and probation, I can tell you this criminal has committed more than 139 crimes.  I had one such case of a man who admitting to over 200 purse snatches before being caught. It is no wonder that those citizens taking the New York subways are terrorized and victimized by mask-wearing thugs, who are committing crimes, vandalizing stations, and screaming at the police.  

Democrats in California passed a bill to allowing felons to vote as well as requiring taxpayers to pay for a mental health evaluation on the seven time felon and the illegal immigrant who shot and killed Kate Steinle.  California is also hiding details on accused illegal alien child abusers from ICE to prevent their deportation.   

Seems the illegal alien who just raped an 11 year old girl in Maryland would have been set free in New York or protected from ICE in California.

In Chicago, the mayor has blamed police officers for this year’s most deadliest weekend.  Of course, the one thing New York, Chicago and California have in common, they are all run by Democrats and no Democrat will take responsibility for the crime in their city or state.  They just want to make sure laws are to protect the criminal and not the victim.

During a visit to California, President Trump grants more water for farmers of the San Joaquin Valley.  So what did Governor Gavin Newsom do? He is suing the Trump administration to block water resources to the farmers.  A California Bill will also ban the stay of any state employee at a Trump Hotel.  

Designer Alok Vaid-Menon has called for the end of male/female clothing designs and suggested gender neutral clothing called “De-Gender Beauty”.  

PETA has stated it is “derogatory” to call your “pet” a “pet” and it is suggested that people should call their “pet” a “companion” so not to offend your “pet”.

In Texas, abortion supporters chant “Hail Satan” as Pro-Lifers sing “Amazing Grace”.

February also had the Superbowl, which refused to show a commercial of an abortion survivor but thought it was alright to air a drag queen commercial.

And last, as the San Francisco Giants put together their 10 year anniversary World Series reunion, one player –Aubrey Huff, who happens to be my cousin- will not be welcomed due to his support of President Trump.

And that is just some of the left-wing lunacies for February 2020.

By Frank Aquila


Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere” and can be emailed at mantecarepublicans@yahoo.com