Left Wing Lunacy July 2021 Review

August 1, 2021, 4:25 AM

Left-wing lunacy continued into July with liberals expressing their disdain for America on Independence Day.

NPR News, Washington Post, New York Times and other liberal outlets celebrated Independence Day by showing their hatred of America, portraying the Declaration of Independence as racist, the Statue of Liberty as a “meaningless” symbol of “hypocrisy and unfilled promises” and the American flag as a symbol of “divisiveness.”  Even Marvel Comics made Captain America say the American dream “is a lie” with Democrat Cori Bush slamming America claiming “Black people still aren’t free.”  This is the same Democrat who wants to defund the police while dishing out $70,000 for her own private security.

Georgetown University students celebrated the 4th of July by slamming America stating they would give up their American citizenship while unable to state another country better than America.

Cuban people marched in the streets chanting, “Queremos libertad!” (“We want freedom!”) while waving American flags.  Liberal media ignored the protests as protesters are shot, journalists were arrested by the Cuban dictatorship with CNN literally saying the Cuban protests are likely due to “Climate Change.” The Biden administration shamefully says they want the vaccine. Bloodied Cubans slam Biden: “Cubans don’t want vaccines, they want freedom”.  Democrats resist condemning the Cuban regime since they agree with socialist-communist policies.

Cubans who fled to America through shark infested waters are turned back.  Must be because the Cuban people would vote Republican, knowing how government control really works.

Maskless Texas Democrats leave the state on their private jet to avoid a vote on Voter ID, contracting COVID.  So what was the main reason for the walkout?  They didn’t voters who vote by mail to write down one of three government issued ID numbers – driver’s license, state ID, or the last four of the Social Security number – inside a privacy flap on this ballot return envelope.  In the meantime, they infected a vaccinated Pelosi aide who tested positive for COVID after contact with the Texas Democrats.

The same Democrats who say Biden received more votes than anyone else in history are the same Democrats demanding to shut down the election audits in Arizona.  What are you afraid of?

Biden’s DOJ drops investigation of all Democrat Governors, including Governor Cuomo’s cover-up, whose actions during COVID killed tens of thousands of seniors in nursing homes.

Biden and the Democrats then pushed the idea of going door to door to see your papers if you got the vaccine.  Sounds like Nazi Germany stuff.

Minnesota woman loses both legs and hands after taking the COVID vaccine.

Doctors discover those 16-24 have abnormally enlarged hearts after taking the vaccine.

AstraZeneca finds small clot risks after the first shot of the vaccine with those who have died from the vaccine itself being underreported. 

A study by starpolitical.com revealed the COVID lockdowns led to five times more suicides among children than died from the virus itself.

The liberal media reports an increase in COVID particularly in Texas and Florida but fail to report the increase in COVID is due to thousands of illegal immigrants being bused throughout the country with most residing in Texas and Florida.  A whistleblower from the Fort Bliss migrant shelter in Texas said they were told to downplay the COVID outbreak and infections from illegal immigrants from the Biden Administration.  Thirty percent of illegal immigrants have also refused the COVID vaccine.

So there is a cover-up that illegal immigrants are spreading COVID throughout the United States caused by inaction by the Biden Administration while ignored by the liberal media in order to blame Republican governors with Biden now exclaiming that everyone needs to mask, regardless if you had the vaccine or not.  Now, if someone had the vaccine, why would they need to mask if it really worked?

Now we know the lockdowns didn’t work, the vaccines were unsafe and barely work, and some COVID tests didn’t work while the looney Democrat policies of no border control have spread COVID throughout America.

The Biden Administration DOJ announces mandatory vaccinations are legal.  We shall see.  At the same time, the Biden Administration is releasing thousands of illegal immigrants with no mandatory vaccine and spreading COVID.  Texas, which one area has seen a spike of 900 percent in COVID, has been sued by the Biden Administration for an Executive Order by Governor Abbott banning the Biden Administration from busing and releasing illegal immigrants with COVID into Texas.

Six people with COVID on a cruise ship, four were vaccinated and two weren’t.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey defends banning President Trump while allowing Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran to tweet about death to America and Israel.

Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki admits the Biden administration directs “Big Tech” to censor people.  She further stated if you are banned on one social media platform you should be banned on all the others claiming tech companies are private companies and they can do what they want.  Hmm, shouldn’t private companies be allowed to refuse to bake a cake?  The Biden administration should not be working with Facebook to remove posts they feel are “problematic.”

Twitter marked a tweet “potentially sensitive” from Army Captain Sam Brown, a Republican Senate Candidate, because his face was severely burned from an IED explosion during his 2008 deployment to Afghanistan.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid states the Capitol riots were “worse than 9/11” even though there was “less loss of life.”

Biden compares the Capital Rioters worse that slave-owning Confederates, minimizing slavery.  It is no wonder Biden feels owning slaves is not as important since he did the eulogy for former Democrat leader, Robert KKK Byrd, who as a Grand Kleagle was a recruiter for the KKK.

Newly discovered tweets from Antifa show the Capital riots were planned and organized by Antifa organizer John Sullivan, while wearing a Trump hat with the chat discord stating, “They (Cops) let us all inside.”  “That was the mantra of the entire coup.”

Left-wing lunacy isn’t complete without Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blaming racism as the reason an Olympian is suspended for failing a drug test.  Was the drug white?  No, it was marijuana.  So according to the Olympic committee, smoking pot is bad but if you have a penis and want to identify yourself as a female, that is okay?  The International Olympic Committee cleared the way for Laurel Hubbard, a man, to compete as a woman.

Custom and Border Protection report arrests of criminal illegal immigrants including convictions for sex trafficking, rape, drugs, and homicide up in 2021.

An illegal alien out of jail on bail beheaded a man in New Mexico and then was playing “soccer with his head.”

Border Agents arrest illegal alien with convictions for child molestation and attempted murder.  Then ICE Agents were told not to arrest, deport illegal immigrant sex offenders.

Democrats vote to let illegal immigrants work as congressional staffers.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid calls the border crisis “nonexistent”.

Democrat Rashida Tlaib states, “We must eliminate funding for CBP, ICE, and DHS” claiming they “terrorize” illegal immigrants.

North Carolina’s Davidson College offers course to “Abolish the Police.”

Democrat mayors across America have hired their own private security while “defunding the police.”

Democrat controlled cities continue to “defund the police” like in Oakland, CA where 17 million was defunded from the police dept and redirected to social workers to prevent gang members from committing homicides.  Meanwhile homicides and violent crime are exploding in Democrat cities like Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Portland, and New York to name a few with murder up 16 percent.

Former CA Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer is robbed in Oakland with no liberal media coverage.

Now, if the Democrats want to “defund the police”, the ACLU declared, “Racism is foundational to the Second Amendment.”  Everything liberals hate end with “racism” even though Democrats started the KKK.

San Francisco rampant shoplifting crime wave has forced stores to close or cut hours.  While Walgreens closed their 17 city stores, Target will close at 6 p.m. rather than 10 p.m.

In California, Democrat Scott Wiener, San Francisco, introduced SB 219, a law that would put an individual in jail for one year for those who use the “wrong” pronoun of transgender people who can’t figure out what sex they are.  So if you are a criminal in California you are free so the looney Democrats can make room for the wrong gender pronoun criminals.

California Democrats push SB-357 to protect Pimps and allow sex traffickers to sell women on the streets, eliminating police from enforcing loitering laws.

In New Mexico, gas stations are now liable for DUI’s.  What’s next, suing car makers for someone who runs over someone?

Business in Illinois receives citation for displaying the American flag.

Likely Manhattan District Attorney vows not to prosecute trespassing, prostitution, or resisting arrest, where officers are often assaulted.  When there are no consequences, crime goes up.

Biden’s DOJ drops all charges against five Chinese spies accused of concealing ties to the Chinese military.  If you are a spy for China, you are free.

Governor Newsom, who is facing a recall, is allowing transgender women (really men) to be transported into women prison.  Then he decides to close the prison in Susanville, CA, which happens to be an area of conservative voters.  The Secretary of State then tries to remove Larry Elder, who is a Black Republican from being a potential replacement for governor.  Seems like Democrats continue to be racist toward Black Republicans.

Chicago’s mayor defends only speaking to non-white reporters, and would “do it again.”

The Cleveland Indians, who honored the first Native American baseball player, have become a victim of Cancelled Culture as they were forced to change their name to the Guardians.

The New York Jets may become the next victim to change their name as Climate Change Democrats are demanding the name change.

America’s largest teachers union deems race-based Critical Race Theory (CRT) “reasonable and appropriate” for kids.

Fairfax County, VA PTA leader suggests those parents who oppose CRT, “Let them die.”

Activist teachers from the state of Washington brag about injecting race, “Equality” lessons in elementary classrooms.

Teacher from Minnesota told students to hide “Equality Survey” from parents.

New York Times defends teaching first-graders “pornography literacy” with lewd images as well as “masturbation” lessons for first graders.

Black Lives Matter activist accused of molesting 62 kids returns to school board.

In London, they have Rainbow Monkey Dildo Story Hour as a performer dressed as a monkey with a dildo between the legs during the children’s event.  What parent brings their children there?  Only libs.

San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir sing, “we’re coming for your children” singing “We’ll convert your children.  Happens bit by bit.  Quietly and subtly.  And you will barely notice it.”  No doubt these men are part of NAMBLA, the North-American Man-Boy Love Association.

Illinois Democrats pass a bill requiring feminine hygiene products in bathrooms for grades 4 through 12.

“The First Amendment is first for a reason.  (The) Second Amendment is just in case the first one doesn’t work out.”  – Comedian Dave Chappelle

If you didn’t know about any of these stories, chances are you watch “Fake News” and that is just some of the Left-wing lunacy for July 2021.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin/Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.”  He can be emailed at mantecarepublicans@yahoo.com