Kim Klacik tells Sophie mann she doesn't want Joe Biden anywhere near police reform.

Sophie: we heard last week after the conviction of officer former officer, excuse me dark show, then that Joe Biden's Department of Justice said that they were opening an investigation into the Minneapolis police department is some Is this something that needs to be dealt with by the DOJ at DOJ? Or would you prefer to see, you know, mayors and Congresspeople and people just had a little bit more of a local level taking up these issues?
Kim Klacik - Yeah, so state level all the way. I mean, you know, what we have going on in Baltimore, it's not what we have going on and say, you know, somewhere, and well, Louisville actually does have a lot of problems. But I think it should be state level. You know, it's something that we see on a local level, we need more police to engage with the community. And so we need to make sure it's, you know, it's basically tailored to us. And I don't think we can do that. on the federal level. If you look at the last time, Biden got into policing. That was when he was helping the author in the 1994 crime bill, which devastated cities like Baltimore, so I don't really want his hands in anything, to be honest.