Joni Lamb - Third Party Publisher

Real conversations, unforgettable testimonies, and a lively half-hour discussion has made Joni Table Talk one of the most beloved, faith-based talk shows around the world. Covering a wide array of topics such as relevant issues, controversial subjects, and hard-hitting current events, Joni Lamb brings uncompromising truth along with candor and authenticity to deliver a refreshing perspective that connects with viewers from a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Fearlessly innovative and fresh, Joni Table Talk raises the bar of traditional Christian Television while serving viewers the best in dynamic discussion about topics that matter. Delivering expert opinions, real life stories, and Biblically-based wisdom, Joni Table Talk has earned syndication on various other platforms such as A&E, FYI, Fox Business, CBS, Fox MyNet, Gospel Truth Network, Victory Channel, and Real America’s Voice Network

With fierce boldness, Joni Lamb has been unabashed in her pursuit of truth, personal vulnerability, and commitment to the Word of God, making Joni Table Talk a favored choice for those that care about authenticity, faith, and transformation.