Is Hillary suffering from Russian Derangement Syndrome?

Is Hillary suffering from Russian Derangement Syndrome?

America's Voice Admin
October 22, 2019

The morning that it was determined that Hillary Clinton had suffered (what is arguably) one of the worst defeats in American political history, our nation mistakenly thought Trump had rid our country of the Clinton’s for good.

One would have also thought that being embarrassed by a $20,000,000.00 two-year investigation (where her allegations were blown out of the water) by a guy named Mueller would have sent her packing back to the woods in New York. But that didn’t seem to work either. 

Then there was the resurfacing of her now-infamous email scandal and rumor has it that the Attorney General is having his staff re-look at that debacle. You remember that one, don’t you? That is the investigation where then FBI Director Comey decided that she had no ill intent. Therefore he would not pursue the matter.

For most “normal” people in their 70s, the above would have had (again I say most normal people) the Clinton’s boarding a plane for Fiji or even a deserted South Seas Island and hiding in shame for the duration of their tenure here on planet earth. Alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Hillary.

Instead, Hillary has decided that she wants retribution against Hawaii Congresswoman and Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard. 

One thing is for certain; Tulsi Gabbard labeled Hillary Clinton correctly when she called her out for being “The Queen of Warmongers and the embodiment of corruption *******.” 

Hillary who is known for “holding a grudge” apparently decided to use this time to strike at Gabbard in the hopes of harming her Presidential bid. 

According to a source within the Gabbard campaign, this rather unusual attack against Gabbard began back in the 2016 Democrat Presidential Primary race. At the time Tulsi Gabbard was (and in many people’s opinion still is) a rising star in the Democrat Party. At the time she was also a part of the DNC. Just before the Democrat Convention, Congresswoman Gabbard quite the DNC, and announced that she could not support the Party any longer for the way they were treating Senator Bernie Sanders with the level of corruption transpiring. She then endorsed Senator Sanders for the nomination. 

As might be expected, Hillary could not let this lay and move on with her life. She just had to let the world know that she would be heard from one more time. And she has. 

The only problem for Hillary and her rather aged mind is that this is the worst thing she could have done if she wanted to hurt Tulsi’s campaign. All she has done is to “give Gabbard” a few million dollars worth of free advertising. Secondly; Hillary still doesn’t get it that most of America doesn’t like her very much, and now she has picked on a Veteran in the United States Army reserves (who is still an active Officer) and a popular Congresswoman from Hawaii. Tulsi will no doubt be seen as the victim because of Hillary’s attacks. 

In the past few days; Tulsi Gabbard had done literally dozens of these interviews. 

Politically speaking, the absolutely worst thing Hillary could have done was to come out and attack this particular candidate. The fact is if anything it will only serve to elevate her in the polls. 

While Hillary has not been admired in America for years, probably the saddest part of this saga is how far she has fallen. For most people, becoming an Attorney is a lifetime career. For Hillary, she not only became an Attorney, but she was also the First Lady of Arkansas. Then she became the First Lady of the United States for two-terms while her husband was President. As if that wasn’t enough, Hillary ran and was elected to the United States Senate. And as everyone knows, she then became the Secretary of State for the United States. 

Hillary Clinton not only became a household name in America, but she also became the “victim” and heroin in millions of American women’s lives for being and staying married to a philanderer. 

And now this!

Hillary Rodham Clinton has indisputably fallen from grace and lowered herself to a level that is all but shocking to most people. She has become the poster child for what happens when you let greed and arrogance rule your life. 

Instead of coming out and giving a gracious speech congratulating Donald Trump on being elected, Hillary decided to all put pull a coup-d’etat. She is proven to have been the orchestrator of a scheme that tortured our nation for two-long years. All because of her not having the ability to admit that she was defeated. 

And rather than her legacy being that of a tremendously successful Attorney, Statesman, First Lady and survivor of an adulterous husband, she is now known as a disgruntled old-lady with a very bad attitude.

So is Hillary just horribly infected with “Russian Derangement Syndrome” or has she completely lost all semblance of sanity, and decided to completely eviscerate any positive legacy she may have built throughout her lengthy political career?


By Ken Crow