Is Anybody But Trump Destroying the Democrat Party?

Is Anybody But Trump Destroying the Democrat Party?

AVN Staff
December 7, 2019

Both the Democrats and Republicans are Celebrating Speaker Pelosi’s Decision.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has “officially” blessed Congressman Adam Schiff’s committee and is proceeding with an actual Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

Tonight across Washington, D. C. you can hear the champagne corks popping from Democrat house parties celebrating the Speaker’s decision to go forth into the political wilderness. One would think that as the Democrats are getting drunk on cheap champagne, the Republicans would be popping Prozac, but alas, they are drinking 30-year old very expensive Scotch at their house parties.

By having the House draft Impeachment charges against President Trump, this forces Senator Mitch McConnell into designing how a Senate trial would be handled. Here is the Senator’s response to “what happens now in the Senate?” 

Constitutional law attorney and radio host Mark Levin panned Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing as a display of four academic witnesses “who witnessed nothing.” And therein lies the problem for the Democrats. 

According to Levin (link has a video on Fox site), the Democrats have yet to produce very little, if any, evidence to show any actual crime or misdemeanor by the President. Secondarily, the Democrats (big crime) was supposedly that Trump “held-up” for a “quid-pro-quo” military aid for Ukraine. This, too, is patently false as the Administration released all funds in a timely manner to the Ukraine defense effort against the Russians. There were no military funding efforts that were held up beyond the dates in which they were due to be paid. 

While the Democrats are now popping those champagne corks that they finally get their long-awaited wish of holding actual impeachment hearings against President Trump, so too are the Republicans giddy.

The sad truth for Nancy Pelosi is that her long distinguished career is about to be permanently marred with a disaster mirroring that of Napolean at Waterloo or Custer at Little Big Horn. Custer made his mistake by not believing his Indian Scouts when they told him to not “go down there,” and Pelosi has made her career-ending mistake by listening to a few “wackadoodle” freshmen Congresswomen, and one old worn out T-Rex by the name of Waters.

The Republicans are now walking on air and sipping that aged Scotch because they know (the voters) that these charges the Dem’s are about to bring against the President are nothing more than “Russia-Russia-Russia” bogus garbage. The Democrats are attempting to tarnish Trump in open hearings because they know they have no one on the ticket at this time capable of going toe-to-toe with President Trump. 

Currently, the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi are sitting on the trade deal known as USMCA (United States, Mexico, Canada) trade deal. Most if not all farmers in approximately 20-plus states are suffering financially because the House has yet to approve this trade deal which will dramatically help these farmers. And, it’s not just the farmers, the Chevrolet Dealerships in these areas are not selling any new trucks because the farmers are not spending any money. The John Deere dealerships are not selling any new combines and the furniture stores are not selling any new stoves or couches. In other words, nearly all of these farm producing states are in reality in a recession because Pelosi is so hell-bent on an impeachment trial in lieu of taking care of the nation’s business. 

Make no mistake, and do not misunderstand, the American people see what is going on here.

They see clearly that most if not all of the Democrat’s claims about President Trump are nothing more than venomous hatred for the President rather than actual crimes against the nation. 

At present most political “guru’s” are predicting that Speaker Pelosi’s Impeachment of the President will end in political disaster. The House will no doubt (because of their sheer numbers) come with impeachment charges against Trump. Of course, they will be ludicrous in nature, but they will push them none-the-less. 

Because of the Constitutional action, the United States Senate will be forced into holding a trial. As you saw in the above video, The Majority Leader McConnell is now forced into coming up with the proper procedures to hold a fair trial of the President. 

Keep in mind that all of this is transpiring during the Christmas holiday season. What the Democrats have successfully done is to divide the nation as we celebrate one of our nation’s holiest holidays. This is going to fly about as well as the DoDo bird does. America is attending Christmas parties, spending time with family and friends, shopping, and going through their traditions which have lasted for centuries. They are not going to support a wild-goose-chase witch hunt against the President. 

Drink your eggnog laced with that very expensive Scotch Republicans, Speaker Pelosi has handed our side a beautiful Christmas present and it is all wrapped up with a big red YUGE bow on top. 

By Ken Crow

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