Hillary Clinton, If President, Vows To ‘Get Those Guns’ Out Of People’s Hands

Video Transcript:

America, Hillary Clinton is coming after your guns.

I’m determined to do something about it. And I’ll try in every way I can to get those guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.

After the Oregon school shooting last week, Mrs. Clinton said that, if elected president, she will pursue her gun control agenda with or without legislative support.

I want to work with the Congress…but I will also look for ways as president.

Mrs. Clinton argued that background checks on all sales, including gun shows, will help keep guns away from criminals and the mentally ill.

Try to tighten some of these checks, particularly you know, to get more more of the background checks done on more of the sales at gun shows and online than we currently have. And we know where we enforce that kind of check, we do keep guns out of the hands of people.

But how will that work? That’s a question nobody can answer because it’s so complicated.

Mrs. Clinton was hit hard for her statement on Twitter.

TWEET: Aw, look at you saying Trumpish things to get a bump in the polls with no plan on how to do it. Way to go, Granny Pantsuit.
In America, politicians are quick to overreact when freak tragedies happen. Even MSNBC’s Morning Joe agrees.

I think it is an extraordinarily complicated issue, and I think one of the greatest dangers is that we do what we always do in Washington and across the country. We have a knee-jerk reaction to a tragedy that doesn’t apply to the tragedy and doesn’t stop the next tragedy and actually causes more problems.

More gun control and gun free zones just don’t work. The Charleston, S.C. church shooting, the Sandy Hook school shooting, Aurora movie theater shooting and the recent Oregon school shooting all happened in gun free zones.

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