Hate Thy Neighbor – Critical Race Theory and the Philosophy of Hatred

Hate Thy Neighbor – Critical Race Theory and the Philosophy of Hatred

AVN Staff
July 18, 2021

A few weeks ago, hundreds of concerned parents flooded a Loudon County school board meeting to voice their concerns over a new type of academic philosophy, a philosophy of hatred.

As America exits the COVID pandemic, a new generational threat has emerged. The viral ideology of Critical Race Theory has spread through school systems nationwide in what could be described as a coordinated assault on American history and national identity. 

For over 200 years America’s youth was raised on tales of Washington and in time, Lincoln. Each generation of Americans was taught that courageous, freedom loving, patriots were not the exception but rather the norm. Our youth learned, how over two centuries, men of faith and principle had stood strong, and led a free nation with solid and steady hands. We said that our greatest days were yet ahead of us, that each new American generation was burgeoning with potential. Now this future of freedom seems tarnished and unattainable as radical ideology pervades our classrooms and corrupts a culture of communal liberty. 

Critical Race Theory represents the beginning of a new frontal assault on American identity, a generational threat to the future of this Republic. The Biden Administration’s recently proposed rule would federalize the teaching of Critical Race Theory, and represents a “green light” for school systems across the country.  Here’s why that matters: Critical Race Theory teaches that the building block of American society, a nuclear family, is actually white supremacy at work. It teaches that basic and objective standards of workplace competence are somehow a manifestation of racial hatred, and that standardized rules for academic achievement are vestiges of long-held hatred for minority groups. 

Those on the left do not attempt to shy away from the Marxist undertones of Critical Race Theory. Far from denouncing communistic thought, CRT advocates embrace Marxism and broader themes of socialism as lockstep political philosophy matching the goals of the Critical Race Theory movement. Marxism and CRT are melded together into a two headed snake of radical socialism in the classroom, and spoon fed to children, who are just beginning to learn about their heritage. This nation has slumbered while the tendrils of socialism have begun to ensnare the youth of America.

There was a time in American history where mentioning the word socialism was enough to guarantee a victory for your political opponent. There was a time in American history when dressing up communism in the cloth of democracy would result in a swift rebuke from those who had fought against the horrors of socialism and gave their blood to safeguard freedom. Now, as American parents spend the day at work, seeking to provide for their families, American children will spend the day in the classroom, learning to hate their homeland.  

Critical Race Theory will do nothing to mend racial divides in America, but what it seeks to do is drive a vicious wedge into the one concept that has united this country for two centuries: the idea that out of hundreds of nations, and thousands of ideologies, a Republic could be forged that would stand the test of time. American individualism was premised on the firm belief that natural freedoms - the rights of man, represented the foundation upon which to build a lasting legacy of liberty; “out of many, one.” 

The United States stands apart on the wheel of history because at Bunker Hill, Irish, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and African men, among many other sons of a new fledgling Republic, gave their life’s blood united in service to the cause of freedom. At Saratoga, our founders, a patchwork quilt of races and ideologies, delivered a blistering defeat to oppression and tyranny, and at Yorktown, a young nation stood united and triumphant against all odds. Historically America stands apart because Americans have never stood apart. Unity has, and always will be an integral pillar of the American ethos, a pillar that those on the left would tear down without a moment’s hesitation. 

Critical Race Theory is not the first attack on American unity our country has faced, nor will it be the last. The strength of this nation’s unified resolve has been tested in academic halls and hallowed battlefields for generations. At Gettysburg, the 20th Maine Infantry Regiment faced unfathomable odds on Little Round Top. Thousands of Confederate soldiers surged against a tenuous Union position. Facing an ammunition shortage, and with no hope of assistance, the 20th Maine Regiment did exactly what each and every generation of Americans before and since has done. They did not run, they did not capitulate, with one voice they fixed bayonets…and then in the unnatural silence of a bloody Pennsylvania afternoon, they charged. 

We will fight Critical Race Theory because as Americans we simply do not have another choice. Once more we will stand, arm in arm, in the breach. Once more we will fix bayonets against an idea that threatens the foundation of this Republic, and once more, as a united nation, we will triumph. The battle against Critical Race Theory is a fight for the soul of this nation, and it is a battle that we must not lose. 

By Micah Bock, RAV Contributor


Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author reflect theirs alone and should not be taken to represent the views of any office or political figure.