Has the Destruction of our Republic Begun?

Has the Destruction of our Republic Begun?

AVN Staff
December 10, 2019

President Roosevelt once said, “a day that will live in infamy.” While he was referring to the deliberate attack on our Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, this too is a day that will live in infamy. Only this day is a date to remember because it is the day that the Democrats decided to destroy our Republic. 

Today, according to all news sources, the Democrats are officially handing down “Impeachment Charges” against President Donald J. Trump.  

The tragedy of today is that most, if not all, Republicans see this as a “witch-hunt” against President Trump and few if any Republicans are willing to vote that he actually did anything impeachment worthy for this to happen. 

Speaker Pelosi, at one time, was willing to protect her party rather than going after the President. 

So what happened to cause Speaker Pelosi to authorize what is about to happen today on Capitol Hill? It was the constant and incessant public badgering of the little freshmen Chihuahua’s on the far left that forced her into making this horrific decision. 

I am by far and away “NOT” a Speaker Pelosi advocate, but on this topic, she is absolutely spot-on correct in her assessment of the situation. 

The truth is this America; without bi-partisan support for impeachment, it becomes a willful act of partisanship that will be viewed as anger toward the election of President Trump. 

President Trump was never supposed to win the 2016 election. Few, if any, thought he had a chance to win. Plans were laid to ensure that he would not win. President Obama even had the FBI and NSA involved in making sure that Hillary Clinton won that election. 

When Trump did pull off something akin to the 1969 miracle Mets victory, the Democrats went into meltdown mode and have spent 3-years convincing America that it had to be that Trump worked in cooperation with foreign governments to obtain his victory. 

After the Mueller report failed to recommend impeachment since there was obviously no-collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians, the Democrats have spent all their time trying to overturn this duly elected President. And now we have actual “Impeachment Charges” being brought.

The thought of this should frighten every red-blooded American to their very core. 

Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats are impeaching a President based nearly solely on their hatred for this President. Why? It’s as simple as the old saying goes America; “FOLLOW THE MONEY!” 

It is no secret that Congressmen and Senators enrich themselves enormously while serving on Capitol Hill. Why else does someone invest $2,3, or 5,000,000 of their own fortune to win a seat on the Hill that pays $174,000 a year? 

President Trump straight out of the box signed into law restricting lawmakers from becoming a lobbyist. And from there, it has gone downhill for their abilities to earn the vast sums of cash they had been receiving through the good-old-boy network. In other words, President Trump has struck at the heart of their personal fortunes, and they don’t like it one bit. WE MUST GET RID OF THIS GUY has been the rallying cry of the financially harmed politicos. 

President Trump, of course, has not helped his cause by tweaking their noses daily through Twitter, but that is another conversation. Trump called out the media for their very bias news reporting, that in the end, angered the mass-media en-mass. Now he had both the politicians and the press all but furious at his “outlandish” governing style.

Now the Democrats have decided to impeach this President for two (what can only be described) as bogus charges against the President.

The first being, Abuse of Power. Why? The Democrats feel as though “when President Trump asked the Ukraine President to look into Joe and Hunter Biden’s” pay for play situation, that-that had to be “abuse of power.” Everyone up to and including the President of Ukraine himself has said: “there was no Quid-Pro-Quo” involved, and President Trump never came across as threatening in any fashion. 

The second charge, as being reported, is “obstruction of Congress.” How? Because (within his rights), he did not want to turn over phone calls, meeting transcripts, or any other evidence which would only give the prosecution (Congress) ammunition. A defendant in this nation doesn’t have to help a District Attorney or any other legal entity prosecute themselves. It is up to the prosecutor to find the evidence, then pursue it. We are still presumed innocent in this nation until proven guilty. Unless—of course—you happen to be Donald J. Trump President of the United States of America. Then you’re guilty of not only crimes, but innuendo, and in most cases, “outright lies.” 

There is an upside to this for the President and most all Republicans on a national scale.

The American people now see through this charade. Even most who were on the “Never-Trump” bandwagon now see this as a horrible miscarriage of justice. This will backfire next November. 

The very troubling part of this entire saga is that our beloved Republic has now been marred by very partisan politics and Speaker Pelosi allowed it to happen by capitulating to the children on the far left. AOC and the rest of the squad traveled America screaming “Impeach,” and now the Speaker has allowed it. All for what? Simply because they were trying to score cheap political points? 

In reality, all that has happened is that the Democrats have driven wedges in this nation will likely become very prevalent very soon.

They have divided a nation, and they opened Pandora’s Box where now anytime you have an opposing Congress to the President’s political party, they will likely hold impeachment hearings if they happen to not like that President. You can almost bet that the Republicans will now be looking for retribution the next time a Democrat is elected and we will be going through this all over again. 

This is truly a dark day for America, and we can blame Speaker Pelosi for forcing all of us to endure it. 

By Ken Crow

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