Has SCOTUS Effectively just Destroyed Our Second Amendment?

Has SCOTUS Effectively just Destroyed Our Second Amendment?

AVN Staff
November 18, 2019

November 12, 2019, is another date that will live in infamy for Second Amendment supporters.

With almost zero news coverage, the Supreme Court of the United States has cleared the way for the families of the Sandy Hook massacre to be able to sue Remington Firearms in court for the mass murder.  

After some five-years worth of lawsuits, appeals, and finally, the case landed before the Supreme’s in Washington, D. C.

Here is the problem with this case if you’re a supporter of our precious 2nd. 

Hypothetically, let us assume for a moment that Remington decides not to settle this case and allow it into the courtroom, and there is a trial. No doubt, there will be images shown that no juror could possibly ever judge this case fairly after viewing them. In either case, with a settlement or a trial, the numbers, in this case, will be staggering, and almost without question drive Remington Firearms into bankruptcy.

Between the Justices and the victims of a tragedy, an American Institution is likely to be extinguished.

The hideous part of this ruling is that it has set a “precedent” and will open the door for the families in Las Vegas, the Pulse Nightclub in Florida, and many of the other victims to sue the rest of the gun manufacturers. 

What effectively is going on here is this. The left could not defeat our Second Amendment on Capitol Hill, so what they are now doing and have prevailed by doing so, is to defeat the gun manufacturers in the courtroom.

It will only be a matter of time before all American made manufacturers of firearms will be forced to shut their doors. 

The awards in these cases will no doubt run into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and if any of these companies did happen to have insurance, that coverage will ultimately be canceled. This will force the company to write checks out of the company bank account. 

The New York Post article did not give us a voting record of how each justice voted, but the fact that the Justices did allow this to go forward, one has to conclude that Roberts more than likely once again voted with the ladies and the liberal justices. 

Where America goes from here will be decided in the future. But the very fact that a weapons manufacturer can be sued in court and be stripped of their bank accounts for victims of shootings cannot bode well for the future of our second amendment.

By Ken Crow