GOP Senators Finally Grow a Pair & Publicly Expose the Deep State Smear Campaign Against #Kavanaugh!

Republican Senators Use FBI Reprort Press Conference 2 Expose The Dirty Democrat Lies Re: #Kavanaugh (Working Title)

The Republicans of the Senate Judiciary Committee came out and officially announced that the FBI report does NOT corroborate the allegations of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford nor Deborah Ramirez and that the cloture vote will be tomorrow with the confirmation vote on Saturday. But it was much more than that! It was the GOP white male patriarchy taking on the Marxist Deep State and their minions big and small! The confirmation to the Supreme Court will no longer be thwarted or delayed! We will have JUSTICE BRETT KAVANAUGH by this weekend!
I show the highlights and break it down for you in the usual/unusual Black Conservative Patriot way!

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Original Title: 5 Angry Old White Guys VS The Deep State Dirty Dems AKA GOP Kavanaugh FBI Probe Press Conference

Second Title: 5 Angry Old White Guys Finally Grow Brass Ones & Publicly Expose the Dirty Deep State Dems!

The first two original titles was an attempt to mock the left Marxist press interpretation of this press conference. It is not me calling out their race, but defining this as a #Yuge win by mocking the left’s view of this. I guess many of you didn’t get it, so I have changed the title.

The left, always obsessed with race saw it about 5 white guys with white privilege upholding another white male. This is silly and that was my intention. But check out these headlines to see what I mean:

Someone tell the GOP all the old white men yelling about Kavanaugh isn’t cute:

The Brett Kavanaugh case: This is how white male privilege is destroying America (Kavanaugh isn’t just a person who happens to be white and male. He represents a class exerting its power):

What Kavanaugh’s Ugly Entitlement Can Teach Other White Men:

5 Republican men held a press conference to justify their Kavanaugh support. It was a mess. (Gaslight theater):

5 Republican men held a press conference to justify their Kavanaugh support. It was a mess.


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