Get Ready Millennials; You’re About To Be Sorely Disappointed with Your Vote

Get Ready Millennials; You’re About To Be Sorely Disappointed with Your Vote

America's Voice Admin
November 25, 2020

 The wailing and teeth-gnashing have temporarily stopped. The once unhappy Gen-X’s and Gen-Y’s are living in a euphoric state, believing that the evil United States and the Satanic President Trump have been replaced with their modern-day political messiah. They honestly believe that this gray-haired, dementia riddled messiah will transform the United States of America into a hybrid between Germany and the Netherlands or Sweden.

The problem is; they may be correct in their assessment. The reasons are fairly easy to come to this hypothesis. There are more of them now than there are of us old-geezers who still value freedom and liberty. According to this website, there are now some 200,000,000 Gen-Xers, Gen-Ys, and Gen-Zs (otherwise known by the acronym Millennials.)

It is time that we are honest with ourselves. The talking points by the Democrat Party and the Presidential nominee worked. On the surface, one would think that these bright, young intellectual college grads would figure out that everything they seek cannot possibly be free, but alas, they did not. They bought into the Democrat’s political snake-oil-salesman rhetoric, and they truly believe that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to “give-them” everything they need for free.

Don’t feel bad, America; if it had not happened this election, it would happen in the next election. The unfortunate truth is, we were headed down this rabbit hole whether it be Biden or someone else; we were going headlong into socialism; either way, you slice it. Will it be the Venezuelan style of socialism where we have a Dictator for life? Likely not, but it will be more along the lines of the European type. Live, smile, be happy, count the unicorns, life is good style of socialism. 


Choice number one; We do, in fact, adopt the free education, free healthcare, a monthly stipend for all, plus all the other ‘freebies.’ Once we do this, all of America will be happy. At least for a short time, that is, until the next April rolls around. 

Former Speaker Paul Ryan (who was widely regarded as a number-crunching policy wonk) put out an article back in 2011 about how long America can survive on the “wealthy Americans” supporting our government. Granted, since then, we have seen the emergence of Mark Zuckerberg, Jack at Twitter, Jeff Bezos, and a few more, but the truth is, these are only a handful of citizens. Then you have to be willing to tax them at 100% of their income to make any difference at all. The bottom line is this; you can tax everyone in America at 100% of their income that earns over $1,000,000.00 annually and only runs the government for four months.

Keep in mind that in 2011, we did not have free anything. Now imagine how long you can run the government with free-everything? It will be far less. This now begs the question, where will Joe Biden and Kamala come up with at least some of the money to pay for all of Bernie Sanders free stuff? I said Bernie because it is Bernie’s socialism that the Democrat nominee adopted as a way of keeping Bernie out of the final stages of the presidential nomination process.

The economic truth is that the Democrats will levy heavy taxes on the super-rich and raise taxes on everyone earning over $24,000 annually. They have no choice. They have, too, lest the United States dollar collapses permanently. You can expect to pay at least 25% of your income to the government at the lower rungs of the tax brackets and well into the 50-70% range for the upper incomes. Remember, you wanted to be like Sweden, well now you get to live like Sweden. They pay 67% for everyone who earns a living. In the end, though, it could be higher, because unlike Sweden, we have to supply a military for the free-world; they don’t. 


On the flip side of things, we could adopt the second choice. That is, do nothing and tell America that we cannot afford such extravagances on our tight budget. Of course, this will crash the Democrat promise machine of free everything for everybody. I would not count on this because the millennial crowd will want their free trophy for participating, and we will end up with the freebies and our guns being confiscated.

At this point, I would like to sit back, smile, and say, “Hey, kid’s, you wanted it; you got it.” Here is what is coming down the pike for your efforts. 

  • A shocking tax hike. PS; Don’t think you won, because I can promise you, Jeff Bezos will still be worth $100-billion dollars. You just thought you were going to take his money to buy your health coverage. Remember that the Orange Man is gone when you write that check for about 40% of your annual income every year. 
  • Now that you have saved the planet and we have stopped fracking, you can now pay $6 a gallon for gasoline. Kamala will raise federal taxes on oil, Saudi Arabia will again hold America hostage for our oil, and India and China will still pollute the planet. But hey, the good news is, you got rid of the evil Orange Man. Just remember that every time you go to the pump.
  • If you live in a rural area, now you get to drive for 50-miles to a government clinic. Of course, your favorite old gray-haired doctor has retired, and now you get that amiable government doctor from Turkey who barely speaks English. I know you’ll miss that family doc who took care of you, but hey, it’s free. Just pray the doctor doesn’t come back with; I’m sorry to inform you that you will need dialysis; I can put you on the waiting list. It’s only going to take 5-months to get you into the rotation. Again, smile; it’s free to watch yourself swell up, turn yellow, and have that near-death experience.

At this point, I want to apologize to my nation and her people formally. My beloved 22-year-old son was one of those who so detested the bad Orange Man that he voted for Joe Biden. Am I ashamed, absolutely? I honestly thought he would put common sense over ideology, but I was wrong. My son was one of the millions who had the same thought process, or rather the lack of a thought process. 

### By Ken Crow