Flooding Displaces Millions, Endangers Wildlife in India

Heavy monsoon rains and overflowing rivers have caused severe flooding in the Indian states of Bihar and Assam over the past week, displacing about 5.8 million people. Included in the affected areas is Kaziranga National Park, home to endangered one-horned rhinos and tigers, some of which were rescued from the waters.
READ MORE: In the Indian state of Assam, floods on the Brahmaputra and its tributaries since last week displaced some 5.8 million people, but the situation has improved with waters receding, a state minister said.

“While some people have started going back to their homes, about 70% continue to remain in makeshift relief camps,” Assam Water Resources Minister Keshab Mahanta said.

Water levels were also coming down in the northern Indian state of Bihar, where floods have killed at least 78 people.
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