Flake You, Kavanaugh! Weak GOP Caves: 1 Week Delay. Trump Orders FBI Probe. Mark Judge to Cooperate.

#Kavanaugh #JeffFlake #MarkJudge #Murkowski #SusanCollins #FBIProbe #Trump

Kavanaugh Advances 2 Full Senate 4 Vote! Jeff Flake= Deep State. Wants delay so dirty deep state #FBI can muddy the waters. He gets his way! GOP asks Trump for Probe and he orders it. It will me limited in scope and they have 1 week to cooperate. Mark Judge will cooperate withe probe. (Not Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead. LOL!) According to 17 Anon, Murkowski Threatened by Feinstein. Pictures sure seem to support that! How will Susan Collins vote, as she and Murkowski may be the deciding votes. (We can count on Jeff Flake to FLAKE on the general Senate Vote.)

What are your thoughts? GO!

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