FEMINISM FACT CHECK: Liberals shocked by facts on feminism.

What’s going on here?
Recently we asked some self-proclaimed feminists to read some real truths about feminism.

Modern day feminism is truly toxic. It destroys women’s lives and the fabric of our society, when women are brainwashed into believing a system always favors men, and not merit. It creates a toxic environment of angry women, who fail to take ownership of their life and choices, and blame others and society. Feminism is Cancer!

What happened?
Many were shocked to learn how feminists and academics have pushed a false narrative, and how men are often vilified unfairly as part of a system that favors men. Some got triggered. They could not comprehend the wage gap myth, even after immediately reading facts debunking the argument!

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FEMINISM: Liberals shocked by facts on feminism.

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