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These are not the JFK and Hippie Dems of days past! You have Andrew Gillum in Florida taking bribes and swimming in Georgy Porgy money. You have Nancy Pelosi being ditched by incoming and old Democrats alike. And you have Trump creating the hashtag, “Jobs Not Mobs” because we have seen Sarah Sanders, Ted Cruz and now Mitch McConnell bothered while trying to eat thanks to Maxine Waters’ zombies who don’t know how to disagree civilly. And we have a horde of possibly 20,000 foreign nationals heading toward our southern border waving the flags of other nations as they demand entry. These are wacky times! Make sure you get out and vote on November 6th, 2018!

#JobsNotMobs #NancyPelosi #MigrantCaravan #AndrewGillum

Title modified on 10.27.18. Original Title: #JobsNotMobs! 2018 DEMS: Dirty. Double-Crossing. Dangerous! [#WalkAway, Gillum, Pelosi, McConnell]

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Original Title: #JobsNotMobs! 2018 DEMS: Dirty. Double-Crossing. Dangerous! [#WalkAway, Gillum, Pelosi, Mitch McConnell]