Egyptian Lion Tamers Entertain People from Their Home

CORONAVIRUS ▶️Unable to go out and perform at the circus because of the new coronavirus, Ashraf El-Helw, a third-generation Egyptian lion trainer, has brought the show home, in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, May 1.

👉Many recreational and entertainment activities, including the circus, are closed in Egypt because of the coronavirus lockdown. El-Helw, however, decided to work with a female African lion named Joumana to find a way to continue to entertain people, while observing the government guidelines intended to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

He and his sister Bushra, also a lion tamer, have simplified their show and perform it with Joumana inside their Cairo apartment. The performances are posted on social media.

The siblings belong to a family that’s well known for lion taming and circus performances, and they are descendants of Mohamed el-Helw, whose first circus shows date to late the 19th century.…