Dem’s Set To Trash the Christmas Season for America

Dem’s Set To Trash the Christmas Season for America

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October 31, 2019

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are at it again.

In today’s edition of the online political magazine Roll Call, there is an article about how Chucky Schumer is opining for America over a possible government shutdown as the Republicans and Democrats go to battle over the 2020 budget.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is already striking at the Democrat Party because most of the government departments have not been funded yet for fiscal 2020. Naturally, the Democrats are blaming the Republicans. Still, the fact is, it is the Democrats that have been consumed with impeachment rather than doing their jobs when it comes to running the nation’s government.

Schumer tries to cover his party’s political backside with this short news conference:

The problem for the Republicans is two-fold.

  1. As we all know, the Republicans are the world’s worst at spinning a government shutdown. The media invariably goes out and finds a couple of government employees who are on hard-times and sets them in front of a camera, and America now thinks it is the GOP who is starving this poor family. This tragedy this time is that Donald Trump is ruining America’s Christmas season with his mentally deranged government shutdown! Can you see where this is going?
  2.  This will put President Trump in a rather precarious position because it will be happening just before the holiday’s and it will be happening about the same time that the House will likely be holding Impeachment Hearings against the President.

Do not be misled America; this is all being orchestrated by the Democrat Party in an effort to make President Trump appear heartless, cruel, and deranged by the Dem’s. 

Nancy Pelosi and gang are doing everything in their power to run this clock out as close as they possibly can to the 2020 election season. Believe that if she could figure out a way to run this impeachment process into next summer and fall, she would.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats will Impeach this President. (Even though they may be bogus charges.)

This holiday season, if you attend your company’s Christmas party and acquire indigestion over the eggnog because of all the drama coming out of Capitol Hill, do not blame President Trump or the GOP leaders such as McConnell or McCarthy. You can blame the Democrats for not funding the government and this wild-goose chase of President Trump.

It is beyond my comprehension that supposed Statesmen such as “The Speaker of the House” or a Senior Senator from New York would be so willing to cause our nation so much grief, stress, and pain for so long.

Do not misunderstand; this is all still happening because Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Crime Family cannot seem to get past and put to bed the fact that she lost the 2016 election. This is “why” we are about to put this nation through one of the most traumatic events our country can go through. That being the “impeachment” of a duly elected President.

For weeks on end, we are going to watch United States Congressmen, and Women prance to the podium on the Floor of Congress and address the nation with very partisan rhetoric on “why and how” President Trump supposedly committed “HIGH CRIMES and MISDEMEANORS.”

Pelosi knows full well what an impeachment hearing on the Floor of Congress does to a nation. Something of this nature will likely be the cause of a recession because the Stock Market will most assuredly take a significant hit. America is on the edge of their seats for a month or more “wondering” what will happen next. For 8-10 hours a day, this coverage will be on every major network non-stop, not counting Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and I’m sure several more alphabet cable channels.

All of this non stop entertainment, plus the battle over the 2020 funding of our government agencies.

Don’t forget; we have the military also. We will be having to deal with the endless parade of pundits commenting on how Private Benjamin is suffering with her 3-children this Christmas season because she is missing paychecks.

Could you please donate to this address so her children can have Christmas? Oh, by the way, it is all President Trump’s fault that her 3-beautiful children don’t have any presents under the tree.

Of course, there will be the obligatory tree with only a few ornaments hung on it in the corner. The camera will pan over to it, while the newscaster gives us a heart-wrenching story while the Private bounces one of her children dressed in pajamas on her knee as the other two stares at the mother as if they haven’t eaten in a week.

Get ready America for another edition of the Barnum and Bailey (err. Schumer and Pelosi) Circus. It is coming to a Christmas and Holiday season near you very soon. 

By Ken Crow

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