Dems and Media are in Full On Meltdown Mode Over Trump’s Coronavirus Response

Dems and Media are in Full On Meltdown Mode Over Trump’s Coronavirus Response

March 1, 2020, 8:58 PM

Let us begin with this. During the 2017-18 flu season, we had some 45,000,000 contract the flu. Of those, over 800,000 were hospitalized, and some 61,000 passed away as a direct result of the flu. This is according to the Center for Disease Control

Personally speaking, I do not remember one word even resembling “pandemic” to describe the flu season of 2017-18. Yet over 61,000 humans globally died from the flu. Why?

Could it possibly be because the Democrat Party thought Robert Mueller would take care of Donald Trump and their problems would be over? Politicize, you scream! Neither I nor the GOP began this latest presidentially politicized assassination attempt. The Democrats did! 

Maybe Fox News evening political pundit Laura Ingraham can do a better job of illustrating what the Democrats are doing better than I. 

If you can believe this, the Democrats are even now trying to charge the President with “freezing the elderly” by stealing their heating subsidies to pay for his screwing up the Coronavirus crisis. The verbiage crisis is not my preferred word for this, but this is their word, not mine.

The facts are these; back on January 29, 2020-President Trump received the allocation for funds to combat the virus from Congress. This is when the United States first knew we might potentially have a problem brewing in China. It was also at this point that the President began taking defensive measures to ensure American’s safety. This is also when he began appointing Scientists to start researching and spearheading measures to quarantine and protect our country. 

Rush Limbaugh, in his inimitable fashion, gives you the nuts and bolts of this so-called crisis on his show yesterday. 

Here is a fantastic illustration of just how “out of touch” and sick with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” these Democrats genuinely are. Even the Presidential candidates jump to the worst-case scenario with absolutely no valid scientific information to back up their claims. 

Of course, former VEEP Joe Biden is going to “save us” again as he did when Ebola was running rampant and killing scores of people. 

Should we discount this newest plague as just a conspiracy theory? Absolutely not! The fact is, this virus is dangerous, particularly if you’re older. According to the experts, it is, in fact, killing many very young and the elderly. Will it be as bad as the Spanish flu was back at the turn of the 20th century, likely not, but the reality is, it is altering the way we are doing business. 

As of Sunday, February 29, 2020, President Trump has now issued travel warnings for Iran, Italy, and South Korea because of the almost rampant pace this virus is spreading at.  

Is Coronavirus as bad and as vast as the normal flu, not yet, but it does have the potential, and it is spreading like a wind-blown wildfire. While the Corona is not truly as bad as the conventional flu, the fact is, the Democrats are attempting to sell fear to drive political ambitions. 

First, it was Russia; then it was Mueller, then it became a series of impeachment hearings, then a Senate trial.

Now it is a flu type of virus that was directly traced to China for its origins as “why the orange-haired fellow is bad.”  Yes, the CoronaVirus is terrible, but it is not Trump’s fault as the Democrats would have you to believe. 

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have lost enormous amounts of money on Wall Street this week, don’t blame our President. Look no further than CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the alphabet networks as the cause of the fear sewn that caused the financial meltdown. 

In the end, America; wash your hands, try not to stay or hang out in large crowds. Don’t shake hands with a lot of people, then touch your eyes, nose, and such. Pay attention, keep up with current statements put out by the CDC, and trust our President to keep us up to date on current information. If we all do this, we will be fine.

Don’t panic America; this Coronavirus is not worthy of panicking a nation over. 

By Ken Crow