Democrat Stacey Abrams Admits ‘Identity Politics Is Exactly Who We Are’

Democrat Outright Admits ‘Identity Politics Is Exactly Who We Are’ Identity politics is the wave of the future, according to Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams , who lost her 2018 race for governor but still insists, “we won.” “I would argue that identity politics is exactly who we are, and it’s exactly how we won,” she said during an event held by the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C, Fox News reported. Abrams, who made race a central issue in her election, lost by about 55,000 votes to Republican Brian Kemp. During her speech on Wednesday, Abrams suggested she lost the battle but won the war. “I do recognize I am not the governor of Georgia,” she said. “But I do like to point out something that is true for me and for many in our state: and that is we won. We won by transforming an electorate we were told was static.” Abrams said the use of identity politics, despite ridicule by its opponents, is essential in a diverse electorate