Defunding Police Didn't Keep California Senator Barbara Boxer from Being Mugged

Defunding Police Didn't Keep California Senator Barbara Boxer from Being Mugged

AVN Staff
July 27, 2021

Had the muggers/robbers not stolen her cell phone, former four-term United States Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) could have called a therapist to come counsel with the robbers. But she could not, as they did steal her cell phone then fled in a car.

According to a report in USA-Today, the Oakland, California Police Department confirmed the assault as having happened in broad daylight at approximately 1:15 in the afternoon in the Jack London Square neighborhood of Oakland. Now 80 years of age, Boxer had been a long-time ally of Nancy Pelosi and the United States Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA).

During her time on the Hill, Boxer was widely viewed as one of the more liberal Senators who often pushed for more gun control and other liberal causes. It is Feinstein and Pelosi who often are in the lead on defending the Black Lives Matters cause of defunding the police nationwide.

In the wake of the many high-profile murders and riots in recent years, the Black Lives Matter movement has managed to garner widespread support for defunding police departments nationwide.  A few of the more notable departments which have had budgets slashed is New York City's department which was cut by some $1billion last year. According to a Newsday report, crime in the Big Apple has soared by a 166% since this time last year. According to the Oakland Police Department, crime in that city has escalated by some 90% in the past year.

Oakland, California, and New York City are not alone. Crime (including murders) is skyrocketing across America as police officers in many cities take early retirement or change their careers. Cities such as Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Newark, Dallas, Houston, Little Rock, and Philadelphia have all seen large increases in murders and violent crime in the past year.

The common denominator amongst all these cities is, they all have Democrat Mayors and City Councils.  Someone should ask these Mayors how defunding and those crisis counselors are working out for their communities.

By Ken Crow, RAV contributor