Conservative Influence Amongst Young People and on Social Media

My name is Reese Brown, also known as The Conservative Values on social media, and I am the founder of the Conservative Hype House on Instagram and TikTok (@ConservativeHypeHouse) and I am an administrator for the brand Today Is America which is an ambassador brand with hundreds of influencer ambassadors to help spread the conservative movement. I also am the host of my podcast “True Conservatism.” I am an 18 year old college student who started posting conservative content on TikTok and Instagram and rose in popularity amongst other conservative creators, and later banded together a group of conservative creators on TikTok to form the Conservative Hype House which has amassed over 1.5 million followers on the platform. I am posting this in order to hopefully give my insight on how conservatives are influencing others on social media and what kind of impact they made this past election amongst young people and amongst those on social media. I would also love to give insight on why other social media platforms like NewsClapper and Parler are on the rise. I would love to talk about all of this and more in an interview of some kind. If you guys would be interested then please reach out to me through email or social media @TheConservativeValues. Thank you for your time and consideration!