Commander Steinbronn – Event Objectives

Hello, I’m Commander Wendi Steinbronn, the Crowd Management Incident Commander for the August 17th demonstrations events.
My objectives for the event are: life safety, facilitation of free speech, protection of property and information management.
The safety of all involved is the highest priority. This includes: participants, non-participants, and the officers who are trying to facilitate a peaceful assembly.

Community safety is all of our responsibility and we need your help.

We will not tolerate crimes and acts of violence in our city.
However, the police cannot see everything or be everywhere at once. If you witness crimes being committed or acts of violence, call 911.

If the situation is unsafe, leave the area. And remember, if police are giving orders to do something, such as vacate the street, or disperse, those orders apply to EVERYONE. Please follow those orders so you are not subject to arrest or force being used. We do not make a decision to disperse a crowd unless there is an imminent threat to safety, so please, follow the order when given.
Managing large demonstrations is challenging and complex work. We have put a lot of planning and resources to help facilitate lawful and peaceful events today.