CNN WARNS OF BOGUS BANNERS! [Khashoggi, Horse Face Trump Tweet, HRC, Comey, SR, Mid-Terms 2018]

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin mentioned (blamed POTUS of) Coordinated Events (AKA Bogus Banners/F_F’s?) during her coverage of Washington Post’s Khashoggi’s disappearance and President Trump Tweeting that Stormy Daniels was a Horse Face. So I thought it important that we review how they did this in 2016 when James Comey “saved” guilty HRC from the consequences of her server/treasonous/cyber crimes. That week there were many incidents back-to-back to get the people riled up and forgetting about the Clinton server scam. Then that following weekend SR of DNC fame was a victim of a strange crime. I end with a rant on the importance of truth and reality and how important it is that we go out and vote.
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CNN’s Brooke Baldwin: Trump essentially threatened Stormy Daniels
Clinton on Emails: I ‘Opted for Convenience’ (March 10th, 2015)
FBI Director Says Agency Won’t Recommend Charges Over Clinton Emails (July 5)
Sny Per @ AALM March in Dallas (July 7th) (July 6-7)
Vanity Fair Article about 3 coincidental incidents in 3 days:
Dallas Incident:
Parents of SR saddened by his death

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