Chants for Ohio Governor to ‘Do Something’ at Dayton Vigil

Residents held a vigil for the victims of the Dayton, Ohio, shooting that killed nine people, Sunday, August 4. The evening vigil included doves, songs and chants for Republican Governor Mike DeWine to “make a change” and “do something.” Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, a Democrat, said there will be time for dealing with policy, imploring the crowd to honor the victims, rather than chant.
READ MORE: A pair of mass shootings in Texas and Ohio over Saturday and Sunday have dragged two of the most divisive issues in American politics — the rise of violent white supremacism and gun control — to the forefront of public conversation as politicians across the ideological spectrum are preparing for what is expected to be an extremely contentious 2020 election campaign.

The two shootings, which left 29 people dead and at least 53 more wounded, combine to create a clear political crisis for the Trump administration and its allies in Congress.