Capitalist Cash vs Socialist Movement—Which One Wins?

Capitalist Cash vs Socialist Movement—Which One Wins?

AVN Staff
February 25, 2020

For the first time in American history, it appears that Communism/Socialism have a real chance of taking control of the United States government. 

Lest you think this “is not possible,” simply consider who is still on the campaign trail for the Democrat Party. 

This past Saturday, the self-proclaimed Democrat/Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders swept the Nevada Caucuses, picking up yet more delegates for his second real bid at the nomination. This is after he had won Iowa and New Hampshire. There is now no disputing that Bernie is not only on a roll, but he is also expanding his base dramatically.

Bernie’s anger toward the wealthy sells well amongst middle and lower-income voters. 

The Nevada Caucuses, for all intents and purposes, ended the nomination hopes for most of the field. Former VEEP Joe Biden went down in flames as did Tulsi, and the rest of the hopefuls. Mayor Pete came in a dismal 3rd after Joe. Even if Biden could score a dramatic victory in South Carolina next Saturday, he doesn’t have the cash to fend off former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg through the Super-Tuesday states.

Bloomberg has already spent a mind-bending $400,000,000.00 on this delegate cash-cow. Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia will all hold their presidential primaries on March 3rd.

Bloomberg’s spending has only just begun and is particularly relevant because the rest of the field has spent precious little as they were all fighting over Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. Bloomberg’s strategy was to skip Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada basically begins his presidential bid with Super-Tuesday. This strategy seems to be working because of his enormous self-funded warchest. Being worth some $52-Billion allows you to have a bit of freedom that other candidates don’t have. 

The political landscape is going to look very close to this after next Saturday when the polls close in South Carolina.

Bernie will have extended his delegate lead, the rest of the field will be announcing that they are suspending their campaigns, and we will be left with a Bloomberg/Bernie Sanders fight to the end. After Nevada, Bernie will no doubt have a monster fundraising week with a million $3 donations pouring in, while Bloomberg will be scratching checks to purchase another $100M in television advertising. 

What America will have for Democrat challengers is something quite unique in this round of presidential politics. While Bloomberg no doubt has the biggest checkbook in American political history, Bernie has one of the largest grassroots games in political history. His volunteer base literally encompasses every college campus in America. As it stands now, Bernie’s volunteer workers number in the thousands who are working telephones and knocking on doors. 

The Problem for the Democrats and America

While there is another Democrat debate scheduled for February 29th, the reality is that this debate has become mostly irrelevant. The only exception might be for Joe Biden. But even if Biden turned in a stellar performance, at this point, it doesn’t appear that he can salvage his campaign.

In the end, we will be left with a very angry candidate who has a monster ground game, and a candidate who is as much fun watching speak as you have watching paint drying. And therein lies the problem for America. The one hope that we Americans have to stop this socialist juggernaut has so many issues and is, in fact, so terse; he is a very unpopular figure to want to support. 

Michael Bloomberg has a very sordid history in business with many, many claims of sexual abuse in the workplace, paying less than stellar wages, and having a hostile workplace. The question now becomes, “will Bloomberg’s mass marketing overshadow his shady past?” The answer seems to be yes he can buy goodwill amongst America’s television viewers.

The problem for Bloomberg is that he might very well have entered this race too late.

Bernie has juggernaut rolling with tens of thousands of volunteers working phones and knocking on doors, and traditionally speaking; this is what wins elections. President Trump is proof of that. The 2016 Trump campaign had in the closing days a volunteer base numbering in the six-digits nationwide. 

Why the GOP and Trump supporters should fear Sanders

The hard truth here is that, to the guy earning $25-an hour working as a plumber, getting free healthcare for his family just gave him a $300-500 raise in his paycheck. To the 30-something young lady working in the office, she just got a $200 a month raise from not having to pay on her college loans anymore, plus the free health coverage. In both cases, you can multiply by millions in terms of voter turnout. 

If you toss in President Trump’s many statements over the past few years where he has insulted certain women, foreign leaders, plus his constant Tweeting, you can now see the issue for many moderates. 

Does this mean that President Trump is going to lose? Doubtful, but to underestimate the power of Bernie Sanders’s message could spell doom for the Trump team if they don’t take this seriously. Sanders is articulating this message of big government very nicely, and his movement is snowballing. Bloomberg’s message of getting rid of the menace in the White House is also gaining traction very rapidly. 

It’s going to be a horse race America. Grab the popcorn!

By Ken Crow



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