Bill Clinton Mocks FBI Investigation Into Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Video Transcript:

While Hillary Clinton has maintained it is a “security review,” Bill Clinton has now mocked the FBI’s investigation into her secret email server.

BILL CLINTON: If you’re driving in a 50 mph zone and a police officer pulls you over when you’re driving 40, says, “I’m sorry, I’ve got to give you a ticket ‘cause you know the speed limit here should be 35 and you should have known it.” So everybody is breathless about this. Look, this is a game.

Judge Napolitano again explained why the Clinton’s defense that “the emails weren’t marked classified at the time,” falls flat.

NAPOLITANO: That defies an oath she took her first day in office which says, “I have an obligation to recognize a secret when I see one, whether it’s marked confidential, secret, top secret or not.” There were so many in that category. There were 2,200 – of the 60,000 [emails] – that contained State secrets. Of those, 20 contained top secret and of those, 4 were so secret, that the FBI agents investigating her lack the clearances to examine them.

The Judge added that Mrs. Clinton is battling the FBI on two fronts with a second investigation.

NAPOLITANO: Bill, there are two teams of FBI agents investigating her. When I say teams, I mean dozens and dozens of agents. One team is investigating whether or not she used her power as Secretary of State to confer American governmental benefits on foreigners and foreign countries that contributed materially to the Clinton Foundation. The other is investigating the emails.

BILL HEMMER: The Clinton Foundation goes where?

NAPOLITANO: Yes. That is not drawing to a close. That involves several hundred thousand pages of financial documents which the FBI didn’t begin examining until January.

With both investigations looming, the Judge said this is a big problem for voters.

The Democrats and the public have the right to know if the Democrats are about to nominate someone who’s going to become a criminal defendant.