Biden's Afghanistan Fiasco Was NO Accident or Miscommunication

Biden's Afghanistan Fiasco Was NO Accident or Miscommunication

August 31, 2021, 4:19 PM

The President of the United States has access to the latest intelligence, the latest facts, and figures on nearly every subject, which may or may not affect our nation directly. 

The President of the United States also has a large room full of advisers ranging from domestic policy experts, military experts, foreign policy experts, and experts to advise him on "the fallout" from whatever decision he makes.  The bottom line is this; Joe Biden knew full well what would happen when he announced America's pulling out of Afghanistan.

He knew full well and was likely advised that the Taliban would seize this nation.

He likely knew full well because China told him in addition to a half-dozen advisers who were likely screaming in his ear. We know a couple of truths about this incident. 

  1. Joe Biden or his son was paid some $1.5 Billion from the government of China several years back.
  2. Hunter Biden did and is likely still receiving payments from China for his positions on Boards of Directors of Chinese companies. 
  3. The FBI is in possession of Hunter Biden's laptop computer with countless emails from Chinese officials corroborating that the Biden family has enriched themselves enormously from the Chinese government. 
  4. We also know that there are very disturbing videos and photos of Hunter Biden, which would likely destroy the Biden family on this laptop computer. Because of this, the Chinese government has managed to (for all intents and purposes) compromise the President of the United States to the point where they can dictate our national policy. 
  5. China is one of Iran's closest allies. 
  6. Iran supports and helps to fund Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and ISIS.
  7. Afghanistan has one of the world's largest deposits of Lithium (which is used in the manufacturing of large batteries used in automobiles.
  8. With the United States out of the way in Afghanistan, China can go in and extract the lithium and other minerals, plus they now have a foothold in the Middle East.
  9. Nothing, and I do mean nothing happens in the White House "by accident." 
  10. Joe Biden has many on staff who are Muslim and or Muslim sympathetic. Could this be the reason he left behind pallets of cash, thousands of weapons, and hundreds of helicopters, tanks, and aircraft? 

I do think it is certainly worth asking the question, "why did Joe Biden order" the abandoning of so much of our military equipment and hardware?

Why did he abandon our military bases and airfields?  PUT ASIDE POLITICS If you happen to be a Democrat or a Republican, it doesn't matter at this point. As a United States House of Representatives member or a member of the Senate body, you swore an oath to this nation and our Constitution. It is time to stand tall and honor that oath. Joe Biden and his administration have allowed our nation to be humiliated on a world stage.

Joe Biden has not just abandoned many (nobody knows for sure, but they know) of our citizens in Afghanistan by his erratic decision to pull out in the manner in which he has done.  Joe Biden's decision to leave behind billions of dollars worth of military hardware is nothing short of treasonous as he is heavily arming and funding a known terror group (the Taliban and ISIS-K) who can now use these weapons against both our allies and our nation. This is known as "aiding and abetting" the enemy. This is the very enemy we just invested 20-years and trillions of taxpayer dollars in fighting across Iraq, Afghanistan, and parts of Pakistan. 

If ever in American history there has ever been a case for impeachment; this is it. In all of our 245 of illustrious history, we have never had a Commander and Chief so brazenly seek to harm our nation and her citizens as now.  Joe Biden should not just be impeached; he should be put on trial by a military court for treason. He has put our nation in jeopardy and endangered our very country through his ineptness and hostility toward former President Trump, and his policies.

All American's should at this time contact your Representative and Senator and demand that this disastrous President be removed at once. Joe Biden is not just an inept elderly gentleman, he is a threat to our nation and has proven it through his actions as President. 

You may contact your Representative at this number;  (202) 226-8000

By RAV contributor, Ken Crow