Biden Now Begging Terrorist, Further Humiliating the United States

Biden Now Begging Terrorist, Further Humiliating the United States

August 24, 2021, 11:34 AM

Why is this administration humiliating America by pleading with terrorists? 

Almost unbelievably, the President of the United States is now pleading with Islamic Terrorists to "be nice" to the Afghan's who aided America for so many years during the war on terror. In addition, he has begged the terror group to allow Americans to pass through the checkpoints getting to Kabul's airport.

In addition to this sickening spectacle, Joe Biden's administration has advised both Americans and Afghan loyalists to "not travel to the airport" in the first place. To make matters even worse, the Taliban has rejected America's request that the deadline of August 31 for withdrawal of our citizens be extended.

To add insult to injure for the United States, President Trump had, for the most part, eradicated the ultra-violent terrorist group ISIS. Because of the Democrat's sympathy and weakness, ISIS has been reborn and is now in Kabul, Afghanistan, threatening Americans and rebuilding their forces.

OPINION;  To wrap my mind around what is happening here is almost impossible. The most powerful nation on earth (meaning America) has just allowed a group of ragtag militant terrorists to seize a nation that we (again, meaning the United States) have spent two decades in, shed blood, spent trillions tell us what and when we are doing it? Do I understand this correctly? 

On top of this, we must rush, pull a Saigonesque refugee pullout, have our allies and citizens run for cover, and load on military airplanes like cattle, all because of a spineless American President who is sympathetic toward the enemy.

The administration then tells all Americans to make their way to the airport but then turns around and tells them to "hunker down in place" because it is too dangerous to get to the airport in the first place to be evacuated.  Basically, the nation with weapons and technology that can park a nuclear missile in your bedroom from 7,000 miles away has just been given orders by a group of mental midgets of what and when they can perform an evacuation that never should have happened in the first place.

America, the nation that can refuel fighter jets at 40,000 feet in the air at 400 miles-per-hour, drive tanks across (while firing deadly accurate shells) rough terrain at 50-miles-per-hour, and shoot down enemy aircraft from 50-miles away is being told: "they can't do this and they can't do that."

The sad and painful truth is, our nation is now being led by inept, weak, and painfully stupid leadership.

This White House has no conception of the damage they are doing to our global reputation, our national pride, or our future ability to marshall allies in the event of a disaster where we would need them. (IE; China or Russia start a conflict with us)

The absolute criminal aspect to me is that the media, his family, and his aids knew this man was incapable of being a President in the first place. Yet, the Democrat Party propped him up (with the assistance of his family and media), stuck him out front, and the American people bought it "hook, line, and sinker." And now we are witnessing the destruction of our reputation, the degradation of our military pride, and we are being made to look like fools on a world stage.

Make no mistake about it, both China and Russia are grabbing their ribs right now and laughing hysterically at the position the United States finds itself in. Hell, even little Kim in North Korea is probably laughing at us.  Think about this, the United States of America cannot even defeat people who ride camels to commute to work and drive around in Toyota pickup trucks shooting AK-47's at fighter jets.

A nation where there are no interstate highway systems, no indoor plumbing for much of the country, no internet for the bulk of the country, no flat-screen televisions in most of the homes, and no electricity to many of the villages just defeated the most powerful military on the planet.

A country where their military leaders meet in caves for operations planning just humiliated the country with nuclear submarines with 24 nuclear-tipped missiles, which can be launched from just about anywhere on the planet. America; the next time (if we are lucky enough), we elect a President who at times may seem like a jackass that likes to Tweet at 4:00 AM; let him. Let him Tweet until his heart is content. For if you don't, this is what we get for an alternative. A total disaster!

By RAV contributor, Ken Crow