Biden and Democrats Cry Racism and Live In Fantasy As Globalism Literally Kills Us

Biden and Democrats Cry Racism and Live In Fantasy As Globalism Literally Kills Us

March 15, 2020, 9:48 PM

During the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are weakly submitting to progressive orthodoxy on the issue, which teaches that supposed racism and xenophobia present a more urgent crisis than the deadly pandemic itself.

While President Donald Trump declared a national emergency and raced to enact some travel restrictions with China, which insiders credit with slowing the virus and staving off full-fledged chaos, Biden took a different tact in his bid to win over progressive voters in his primary battle against open-borders socialist Bernie Sanders.
“The American people need to have a president who they can trust what he says about it.

That he’s going to act rationally about it. In moments like this, this is where the credibility of our president is most needed, as he explains what we should and should not do. This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia,” Biden stated in Iowa in response to President Trump’s January 31 travel restriction with China.

Biden, therefore, was on the “Woke” side of the issue, as opposed to the practical rational flank assumed by President Trump and the current Republican administration.
“As you know, within weeks of identifying the outbreak, the restriction of travel from China reduced travel by 90 percent. I think that was a very helpful move,” Stephen Redd from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) testified.

President Trump has declared a national emergency regarding the Coronavirus – utilizing the same executive mechanism that he used to authorize building the southern border Wall. President Trump is also teasing an executive order that would take steps to return pharmaceutical production to the United States. Currently the majority of American medicines are imported from China, a country that is by all insider accounts an enemy waging a cold war against our nation and our interests.

Massive stock market volatility underscores the fact that American consumers rely on Chinese-manufactured goods, despite America’s fraught relationship with our Chinese counterparts. Everyday observers might now wake up to the fact that homegrown American manufacturing and agricultural production is more important than ever in a tense globalized economy, in order to return strength and assure stability to the American Republic.

Progressives are clinging to their racism and xenophobia narrative even as it becomes abundantly clear that globalism – both migratory and economic – is literally killing us.

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen not only the spreading of the virus but also a rapid spreading of racism and xenophobia,” said Democrat Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley in a session of Congress.
“We have witnessed it at the highest levels, in fact, of the Republican Party, fanning irresponsibly these flames. One colleague tweeted that, ‘Everything you need to know about the Chinese Coronavirus,’ unquote.

Uh, my district is home to nearly 32 percent foreign-born residents with more than a quarter immigrating from Asia. This painful rhetoric has consequences,” Pressley stated. “Restaurants across Boston’s Chinatown have seen up to an 80 percent drop in business. And I believe this has everything to do with the rapid spread of misinformation and paranoia. It is critical that we stand against these inciteful messages and assuage fear in our communities. And we do that by dispelling untruths and misinformation. We can only do that by sharing the facts.”

The fact, of course, is that Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China. But progressives apparently expect the American people to mute their survival instinct in service of all-consuming resistance to microaggressions and reality.

New York City is straining to prove its Woke credentials.

Not to be outdone, New Jersey officially weighed in with some Wokeness.

American Democrats are merely taking their cues from globalist world leaders.
“It’s easy to move into … perspectives in which there tends to be discrimination, there tends to be violation of human rights, there tends to be stigma on innocent people just because of their ethnicity,” said United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres back in February, as the burgeoning health crisis was still taking shape.

“It’s a test of political solidarity, whether the world can come together to fight a common enemy that does not respect borders or ideologies…Will the world come together to find shared answers to shared problems?” asked the World Health Organization (WHO) director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in mid-February as the globalist elites were in the process of utterly failing to contain the outbreak.

The globalist left is presenting Coronavirus in much the way the film “Independence Day” presented an alien invasion, with the nations of the world forced to come together under a nationless globalist banner to confront a problem as one human people. This Tower of Babel ideology is unnatural and dangerous.

The nation-state must be protected now more than ever. Nationalist action – including the closing of borders and the restricting of travel – must be celebrated. And America must commit with renewed focus on creating a truly independent national economy that cannot be easily manipulated by the whims or crises of foreign regimes.

In that sense, President Donald Trump is leading, while Joe Biden and the Democrats are getting their ideological facemasks ripped off for the world to see.

By Patrick Howley