at Casa Del Migrante in Guatemala Part 1

Part 1 Oscar in Guatemala at Casa Del Migrante, the largest shelter for migrants. Spanish, see translation (Recorded Tues 6/18/2019)

Mario: I’m Mario Morales from “La Casa del Migrante” (The Home of the Migrant).
Oscar: How many migrants have you had here.
Mario: We have had in the last days between 80 and 100. Last week we had between 400 and 500.
Oscar: Their purpose, it looks like, that they want to migrate to Mexico and then the USA
Mario: Yes, we see that intention.
Oscar: They have not been informed about the UN Migration Pact and their options to migrate to such places like Canada and not to suffer so much from south door to the north door.
Mario: Look we haven’t talked to them about that or Canada, here it is not just a shelter, we don’t just give them shelter like many, not just food and where to sleep, we give them legal orientation, psychological and medical services, and all the needs that migrants have, we attend to them, we help, we advice them so they can defend their human rights. You asked about Canada, no we don’t talk to them about that because we only have contact with Mexican authorities. We talk with Mexican institutions that support us and give asylum to migrants
Oscar: The problem with the trafficking of children is very aggravating. I live in Tijuana Baja CA, We see a lot that arrive over there, it is a very uncomfortable question, but how has the “Casa del Migrante” dealt with this or help with this and how have you tried to stop this so that this problem doesn’t come into Mexico.
Mario: Here we take care of all migrants the same, about that topic… I would rather…
Oscar: Okay, you have been very kind… thank you thank you
Mario: It was a pleasure, have a good day…
Oscar walks off with Carlos.
Oscar: Carlos I like to ask the hard questions, not sure if it is right, I’m very direct with my questions