Are the Democrats Now In Political Purgatory?

Are the Democrats Now In Political Purgatory?

AVN Staff
December 20, 2019

Somehow-someway, as a President Trump supporter, we knew this day would ultimately come. 

Cowboys out in West Texas have a saying; “If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.” 

And yet, with all the supposed political genius on Capitol Hill, with all the Harvard degrees, Yale sheepskins, and brainy IQs, these Democrats keep on digging. Maybe one or two of them should take a trip out to Alpine, Texas, and talk with a rancher or two. Had they done that, Wednesday night at 8:00 PM Central Time, they would not have committed political suicide by casting that final vote to impeach President Trump.

There is an old saying in the world of politics; “perception is everything.” 

There used to be a universal truth that if you added two plus two, the outcome would be four. Under the new common-core math, that outcome could be three or six and seven-eighths. And this is what happened the other day on Capitol Hill. 

Speaker Pelosi and Congressman McGovern both gave ‘oh-so-eloquent’ renditions of the earth-shattering crimes that President Trump had supposedly committed. Many times we heard (from the Dem’s) that his sins were not in dispute, and that the ‘hard-core’ proof was in. A hundred times or more yesterday, we heard that the Democrats were oh-so-saddened by what they were being “FORCED” to do in order to protect our sacred Constitution. 

Speaker Pelosi, from the beginning, has been trying in vain to sell the “somberness” of this impeachment to the American people. She and her talking parrots on Capitol Hill have repeatedly in every interview and in front of every camera they could find have parroted the talking point line that they are approaching this impeachment with a somber and sad feeling. What a crock of crap! They were all giddy yesterday. Mad Maxine approached the podium for her 2-minutes with a smirk two-miles wide on her over painted ruby red lips. Even the Democrat Committee Chair Adam Schiff was all but dancing down the aisles as he was appointed to run the clock and speakers for the Democrats. 

With all of the hoopla over these hearings on the floor of Congress yesterday, two or three hard-cold-reality facts remain on the table that cannot be disputed.  Watch this video!

After dozens upon dozens of Democrats standing up to speak for 1-2 minutes of fame, we were all left asking the same age-old question; “where’s the beef?” None (as in the hearings held by Schiff) could or would provide any substantial proof that the President withheld military aid in return for a Quid-Pro-Quo. Without the now-infamous phrase “quid-pro-quo,” this pretty much tosses out the abuse of power allegation.

Now we come to the charge of “Obstruction of Congress.” This would be the weaker of the two charges as if the first charge had any teeth to it.

The bottom line is that the Democrats needed one more charge to hold impeachment hearings, and this is the one that so riled little Shifty-Schiff. He wanted half the White House to show up and be grilled, and President Trump would not allow for the abuse of his employees. Basically, the President said, “up-yours,” if you want to charge me with something, you have to come up with the evidence on your own.” Technically, the Presidents holds two-aces. The first being, he doesn’t have to give a shred of prosecutor evidence to hold against him, and secondly, he does have something called “Executive Privilege.”  

The two-closing arguments just before the vote to Impeach. 

As predicted by all the political watching guru’s, the votes did, in fact, come back 220 something to 190 something, and the Democrats now had their very partisan impeachment. 

There are times throughout history when you can actually win a battle or two, and lose the war in glorious fashion. This is one of those instances when the Democrats won their little battle.

They finally GOT TRUMP and stuck him with a pitchfork.

I want to say it was a scene in an old Clint Eastwood movie, but I remember a scene once where this fellow pulls a knife on Eastwood in an alley someplace. I could have this all wrong, but if memory serves me, Eastwood pulls out this huge chrome-plated gun and states, “why did you bring a knife to a gun-fight?” Then, of course, he blows him away.

What the Democrats have successfully accomplished is to unleash all of Trump Nation (who by now are very, very angry), and make no mistake, they will be working hard to re-elect their President. 

Speaker Pelosi has made two very critical errors. The first being she carried out this impeachment without bi-partisan support, which means that it became nothing short of a lynching rather than an actual impeachment or trial. The second massive error she has made is that she has totally misjudged America’s feelings in the first place about this witch hunt impeachment. 

America is not stupid, Speaker Pelosi. They fully realize that the Democrats from hour one of this President’s tenure, that the Democrats have been out to get him. They tried the rigged election approach, then Russia, then this, then that, and now finally a partisan witchhunt impeachment. America knows full well that nobody on Capitol Hill has worked with this President and given him a fair shake at being President. 

And make no mistake; America is going to remember next November!

I’ll leave you with this cowboy philosophy; It don’t take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep. You can guess who the goat is in this impeachment tale. 

By Ken Crow