America’s Heartland Loves Trump and Trump Loves America’s Heartland

America’s Heartland Loves Trump and Trump Loves America’s Heartland

America's Voice Admin
July 22, 2019


“Americans treat illegal aliens worse than dogs because they’re racist” so says congressional representative Ilhan Omar. (see However, she fled from war torn Somalia to come to America as a refugee from a contentious gang-infested failed Islamic state ( ) . Thus, so the official biographic narrative reads.

Americans have a right to expect some degree of respect from an official Horatio Algiers rags to riches tale.

Right? Nonetheless, in the Ilhan Omar story; instead of respect, scorn, visceral hatred and monstrous disrespect towards America and Americans. Consider, this disdainful rant by the congresswoman. Listen to the esteemed constitutional law professor Alan Dershowitz’s measured, but accurate criticism of congressional representative Ilhan Omar. Professor Dershowitz criticisms are saliently merit based. Professor Dershowitz critique of Omar should be carefully considered and allowed full credence, based in forthright purpose with the goal of preserving the American republic and protecting the constitutional precept of federalism.

Moreover, another journalistic commentator and defender of the American constitution is also warning American citizens regarding the derisive ethnic, religious and racial identity politics of representative Omar. Conservative commentator Glenn Beck’s warnings should be taken profoundly serious by the American public of all creeds and colors if the American constitutional republic is to survive and thrive.

Omar’s own words condemn her; instead of praise for America; she condemns her adopted country; instead of acceptance of America; she expresses hatred of Jews; instead of acceptance of the American constitution she embraces sharia law; instead of conformity to law she encourages racism, hatred and open borders. Unlike Horatio Algiers she is ungrateful, arrogant, demanding, lawbreaking, deceptive, subversive and treasonous.  Omar’s singular goal and main objective is not to support President Trump in his efforts to improve the United States for every American citizen, but to sow the seeds of descent, subversion, dissension and hatred against America, especially White Christian Nationalist Americans.  

White Christian nationalist support Trump; support Christianity; support the founding fathers, the bill of rights, including the second amendment, prayer and the founding fathers, many attend Christian churches, Christian education and make up the vast heartland of America. However, most are not racist or white supremacist groups, but are rather God-fearing Christians — who read the holy scriptures and listen to their prophets, priests, elders, pastors, evangelists and teachers. These folks are the heartland of America. Truly America’s blood courses through their veins and beats in their hearts. And they support Trump and Trump defends them. 

Yet, representative Omar hates these White Christian Nationalists which have provided her safety from the chaos, lawlessness and gang-violence of her native country Somalia. Should not Omar be criticizing the Islamic extremism that turned her country into a lawless war zone? Instead, Omar transfers the Somalia lawlessness to America. Consider the evidence of immigration fraud by Omar that Glenn Beck brings to light.

Juxtapose Omar’s lawlessness in relationship to President Trump’s defense of America and the American heartland.  President Trump reaffirms his commitment to American heartland values.

Without question President Trump is the true defender of the American faith, American constitution and the American heartland.

The seditious, subversive and treasonous members of congress should be called to a public account by the American people. The American immigration system requires review, reform and reevaluation with the purpose of allowing only positive people which love America to immigrate to the United States.  A sign should be placed on America’s front door, which reads, “America and American haters need not apply”.

America’s congress as presently constituted should be replaced by true patriotic Americans.

Congress should not be occupied by vicious seditious American haters. These seditious congressional members are impostors. These treasonous impostors should continue to be exposed by the American people. America should resolve to understand that such a metaphorical sign is not race hatred, but rather an exercise in national sovereignty.