America and Trump Were the Real Winners Last Night

America and Trump Were the Real Winners Last Night

America's Voice Admin
October 16, 2019

If you happen to have missed last night’s Democrat Presidential Debate (whether by design or accident), you missed a truly eventful evening. As expected, the stage was packed with Oval Office wannabes and those that are just hoping for an Ambassador or Vice-Presidential gig. 

Doug Schoen (former Obama campaign manager and Fox News Contributor) wrote a piece this morning for Fox News. His analysis of last night’s debate was pretty much spot on. He had Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as being the “BIG WINNER,” and then there was the “rest of field.” 

Schoen goes through a long diatribe of ‘who said what to whom’ and ‘who retorted the best and worst.’ 

I’ll save you time and effort by just saying this. Warren, in fact, did win, if you’re a Democrat. She was very obviously attacked from all sides about most of her positions. Of that, there is little debate (no pun intended). 

One of the exciting aspects of last night’s debate was something that Doug Schoen did not write about. The New York Times and CNN very obviously (and believe me, it was in your face obvious) was nearly totally partisan toward Warren. Every question, if not almost every question, had somebody responding to the issue. Then the moderator would turn to Warren and ask ” what are thoughts on that Senator, or something akin to that.” Elizabeth Warren’s time on the clock had to be double that of the rest of the field, if not, indeed very close to it. 

Watching the debate gave the impression that there is now “zero doubt as to who the Party and the Networks” want to be the nominee. Both the Times and CNN all but crowned her as the Presumptive Nominee (we now don’t need to vote, I’m guessing). 

Another “take-away” from last night’s debate was the overwhelming socialism that these candidates all want to be implemented in America. Candidly the only two who were not on board with a near-complete take over of the government of our lives was Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii. It was a shame that CNN did not give these two more time on the clock.

Other than California Billionaire Tom Steyer continuing his message of “we have to get Satan out of the Oval Office” rants, the rest was pretty much predictable.

However, Elizabeth Warren was NOT THE BIG WINNER LAST NIGHT. 

The real winner last night was AMERICA and President Donald J. Trump. 

Here’s why!

I have said it before, and I will repeat it; the Democrats castrated their only chance to at least make this next election a contest. Last night, they gutted (by propping up Warren), the only real chance they had in nominating Tulsi Gabbard. 

Elizabeth Warren’s record, both personally and politically, will be shredded by President Trump in both advertising and on the debate stage. If you thought it was fun watching Trump shellack Hillary, wait until you see what he does with Pocahontas. 

Warren has several “YUGE” problems that she cannot get away from. 

  • Her lifetime of lies about herself and her family
  • Her very liberal voting record includes supporting the slaughter of full-term babies. And she made a special point last night to reinforce that subject.
  • Her adopting and promotion of the “Green New Deal” and the absurdity of it all. 
  • Her very vocal selling of “stripping billionaires of all their wealth.” 
  • Her very obvious disdain for the successful amongst us. 
  • Her inability to spell out “how she plans to pay for all the free stuff.” 
  • Her near-complete takeover of all medicine in this nation. 
  • I could keep going, but in a nutshell; HER LOVE OF SOCIALISM and even just love of the word SOCIALISM!

Following the President around, there are literally dozens of Super-PACs that have trainloads of readily available cash to begin spending on his behalf. These PACs are going to dump hundreds of millions on television advertising to support the President and his re-election. 

If you combine the PACs trainload of cash along with the RNC’s billion they will spend, this is definitely going to be an entertaining campaign season of television commercials. Between the two, they will paint Elizabeth Warren as a cross between Joseph Stalin and Tokyo Rose. 

The end result will be a runaway victory for the President and most likely picking up seats in both houses of Congress. 

Well done Democrats, CNN, and The New York Times. 

I thank you, America thanks you, and I’ll speak for the President; “he thanks you as well.”

By Ken W. Crow



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