AMBER ROSE SLUTWALK LA: Sluts Walk & Talk Trump

AMBER ROSE SLUTWALK LA: Sluts Walk & Talk Trump

What’s going on here?
Amber Rose recently organised her version of the slutwalk protest in LA to “put an end to slut shaming”. Apparently being a slut is a marginalised group “in this political climate” and they demand more respect to dress however they want, and behave however they want. Of course our President is to blame somehow, and the conversation soon turned to Trump hate.

What is the Slut Walk?
The slutwalk began in Toronto in 2011 in protest of a police officer giving advice to not “dress like sluts” to avoid being sexually assaulted. There have been several versions in many cities since, but this iteration was organised by Amber Rose.

Who is Amber Rose?
Amber Rose is a former model/actress/talk show host become activist. She is perhaps best known as being the short-lived arm candy of rapper and producer Kanye West.

Why are they protesting?
According to Amber Rose’s official site the protest is to “let people know that there are social injustices that affect me, you and my son” and to “put an end to slut-shaming.”

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AMBER ROSE SLUTWALK LA: Sluts Walk & Talk About Trump