Adam Schiff Will Be Immortalized But Not Like He Wanted

Adam Schiff Will Be Immortalized But Not Like He Wanted

November 14, 2019, 4:22 PM

Senator Ted Cruz’s faithful worked hard on those hot sticky days back in July of 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Quicken Loans Arena had hundreds if not thousands holding meetings, politicking, back-slapping, and begging the Trump faithful to join their movement to get Cruz nominated for the Republicans in lieu of Donald Trump.

The primary argument was that (then candidate) Trump was not a real Republican conservative. 

The truth is, the “Cruzer’s” were and are probably correct in their assessments of President Trump’s political positions on many subjects. 

So what does the Republican Convention and the war with the “Never-Trumpers” have to do with the events unfolding on Capitol Hill today?

Quite a bit, actually. The sad truth for the last three years is that the Democrats played their poker hands horribly. They raised when they should have folded, they folded when they should have called or raised, or they simply didn’t realize they were holding the winning hand.

Instead of working with the new President (keeping in mind that Trump is not a hard-lined right-winger), they decided to dethrone him by attempting a bloodless coup. First, it was Russia, Russia, Russia. The Democrats invested two-long years (where they could have been getting legislation passed and signed) into a hoax that left them with egg dripping off their political faces. 

When that attempt failed after having wasted $50 Million of taxpayer’s money, they decided to try in vain to paint him as a misogynist, rapist, homophobe, bigot, racist, and a white supremacist. Those crazed and venomous attacks failed miserably by the elitists Hollywood leftist and sympathetic media folks, left the Democrats with but one more attempt at ousting this President. 


For the past three years, California wingnut billionaire Tom Steyer had been running a television campaign listing all of Trump’s failings and the plausible reasons the President should be impeached. Styer’s biggest problem is that he has no evidence to back up his claims, and America saw through his bogus claims. Some $100 Million later, Styer was no closer to his goal; he then decided to enter the race himself in an effort to defeat Trump. So far, Styer is polling at less than 3% in the national polling, despite having invested truckloads of cash into his failed impeachment gig. 

Somewhere in the middle of the Democrats lining up to campaign, and Styer’s investment into the NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC’s Christmas Party fund, somebody in the Democrats Ivory tower decided these now infamous words; “let’s try to impeach this President.” And, if it doesn’t work out, we will have convinced America that Trump is a really bad guy, and we can still win in 2020. 

The only problem for Representatives Al Green of Texas, Maxine Waters of California, and a host of other leftist liberals were that they had nothing to impeach the President on. These guys even went long after Mueller had closed the books on the failed Russian probe, and they still tried to use Russia as the means to impeach. 

Finally, after a year of badgering — the once brilliant political animal Speaker Nancy Pelosi — was backed into a corner and signed off on a very smarmy Representative Adam Schiff to launch an “impeachment inquiry.” A year of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (brainless media frenzy), she finally had rallied the leftist troops who managed to apply an enormous amount of public pressure to Pelosi’s more rational. And the aging Speaker cratered to the cat-calls. 

Pelosi did do one thing to her benefit. She has allowed “Pencil Neck” Schiff to build the political gallows, tie the rope, and place it around his proverbial pencil neck. The only thing left is; Schiff does a swan dive off the high-board with the rope tied securely to the diving board. 

Gregg Jarrett from Fox News does a masterful job of explaining why this latest Democrat venture is about to go down much as the Hindenburg did back in the 1930s.

Now that Schiff has decided to go forward (and fulfill his dreams of political glory) by attempting to impeach this President, he is doing so with “absolutely nothing in terms of actual evidence.” 

What the Democrats at this point in time are trying in vain to accomplish is anyone’s guess. The Senate led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the South Carolina pitbull Lindsey Graham has already publicly stated that this impeachment is dead on arrival in the Senate.

At best, Schiff is going to come up with a couple of flimsy charges (barring scathing testimony from John Bolton), and he will send the impeachment on to the Senate. The Senate will hold the trial, and the President will pull all but about 4 or 5 Republican votes. This means the President wins by about a dozen votes in his Senate trial. 

Again, one has to ask the question-“So what do the Democrats hope to accomplish with this massive dog and pony show?” 

The only plausible explanation for this 3-ring political circus is; the Democrats are hoping to show enough evidence in the House Hearings where they can create enough doubt in the American people’s minds that Trump is guilty of “something.” We can’t prove “what” because he was so slick at covering his tracks, but the guy is guilty of something. They are going to hope that you buy into the fact that they “tried like hell” to bring him to justice, but the evil Republicans prevented them from doing so.

Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) was the originating Congressman who started the Impeachment Inquiry in the first place

Remember this part; Congressman Jerry Nadler was supposed to be the original fellow handling all of this. Adam Schiff was supposed to be assisting Nadler. Have you noticed that you have not seen Nadler in over a month? 

Congressman Nadler, like Pelosi, are both “wise-old-political-owls.” They both backed off of this thing long ago, and Pelosi has fed Schiff to the political wolves.

Speaker Pelosi has cover in that she can claim that she tried in vain to stop this from happening, but her caucus would not allow for that. In the end, it will be Congressman Adam Schiff that will be forever the “face of the Impeachment of President Donald Trump.” He will forever be known as the Congressman who tried and failed at impeaching “45.” 

The truly depressing part of all of this is this. Had the Democrats just accepted defeat and went to work (as they should have) they likely would have had much of their agenda pushed through. The President would have worked with them on many topics, but alas their immense hatred has wasted those opportunities, and the America people now see just truly flawed they are.


By Ken Crow