August 11, 2020, 9:29 AM

The definition of “normalcy bias:” is a cognitive bias that leads people to disbelieve or minimize threat warnings. … About 70% of people reportedly display normalcy bias during a disaster.

An example best used to describe “normalcy bias” is that of a major car wreck. How many times have you been driving down a highway, witnessed a car wreck happening on the other side of the road? Most will keep driving for about a mile, then “it finally clicks,” and they turn around to go back and assist. The point being; you don’t witness car wrecks daily, so you have very few reference points in your brain. It takes a minute for you to rifle back through your memory bank to find something that resembles what you just saw. 

Therein lies the problem for our nation.

The bulk of our country has never witnessed an attempted overthrow of a nation. We, as citizens of the United States, assume we will always be a free society. We believe our government to be on the side of our citizenry and not meaning any harm to our populace. We assume that police and law enforcement will always be here to protect our homes and businesses, and for that matter, our very lives. 

Tragically, what is happening in our land today is we are watching that car wreck happening on the other side of the highway. We are witnessing our media who are supposed to be guardians of truth regarding news–operating in a very biased manner to elect Democrats nationwide. Every news story being propagated by ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, AP regarding President Trump will have a negative slant on it directed at the President. The worst part is; many of these stories are bogus, to begin with. 

If that bit of information is not bad enough, next, we have a candidate for the White House on the other side of the aisle who is very obviously struggling with dementia issues. It doesn’t take a physician to diagnose this when every speech he gives-he more often than not slurs his words and loses his train of thought. To compound the problem, the media is grotesquely working on getting this man elected. 

Next, we have COVID-19. Somebody needs to explain why the United States has far less than 1/3 of the population of India, and we have 4-times the rate of death with superior medical care. Why is it that the states that matter most with the electoral college are the ones that have been the harshest on shutting down and crushing their economies? The examples would be New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, and California. The backstory to these shutdowns would be, yes; they are all governed by Democrats. Again, the American people are blind to this or are choosing to believe that nothing nefarious would be happening because of an illness. 

This brings us to the death of George Floyd and the ongoing unrest nationwide. There is no disputing that these (once peaceful protests) riots are being fueled by anti-American groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa. An example is Portland, Oregon. Portland has now surpassed 2-months of daily rioting, looting, burning, and near-total civil unrest. Keep in mind that Oregon is a very blue state. We recently witnessed a month-long seizure of downtown Seattle by these same groups.

The above video is from this past weekend in Portland. 

What these situations have accomplished is to handcuff our law enforcement officers. They are now so fearful of interaction with these thugs that they are now actually stepping back and not enforcing the law. This is leaving our citizens in danger, their personal property vulnerable, and most everyone in these affected areas now live in daily fear. 

The worst part of this is, President Trump (under the Constitution) is pretty much forced to watch in horror with the rest of us because the States Governors should be handling these riots. The problem is; they are not. They want as much and as many unhappy citizens as they can get to hopefully sway the voter’s minds that it is Trump who is at fault for their hardships. 

Between the unending rioting nationwide, the cratered economies of swing states, the mass media endorsing and aiding the Democrat Party, and the fact that we could very well end up with a dementia riddled President — whereby the Vice President will likely be running the government, America would be in deep trouble! 

To expand on that note for a moment, we now know that Joe Biden will likely choose a far-left socialist Senator or Congresswoman to be his running mate. We also know that it is highly unlikely he will fulfill his term in office. This means that we get the far-left socialist as our next President if Biden happens to win. Keep these points in mind. 

  • Nearly all of the Democrat contenders for the nomination promised to seize guns. This included Kamala Harris, amongst others. 
  • All of the Democrats promised Universal Healthcare, thus doing away with what you now have and forcing you to look to the government for your doctor and healthcare. 
  • Nearly all promised to dramatically raise taxes, up to and including seizing part of the wealth of America’s billionaires. This will no doubt further cripple our already fledgling economy, which is still reeling from COVID.

America; our very liberty and life as we have known it for 240-years are on the line in this election. We honestly have politicians and power brokers on the verge of taking down this great Republic and turning it into a socialist society. Is this really what you want? Do the over 400,000 grave markers at Arlington mean nothing anymore? Are our men and women in blue now expendable because of social demands?

These grave markers are not here for socialism.

Now is the time to rise up! Now is the time to begin holding patriotic rallies on the Mall in Washington. Now is the time for all patriots to volunteer for President Trump to ensure his re-election. Our Republic is on the verge of falling. You know it, I know it, and we all know it. Tell your friends, neighbors, relatives that if they never got involved before, this is the time. We must fight for our liberty this election because that is precisely what we are fighting for—our very freedom as a nation.

By Ken Crow