2020 is Literally A Fight for Our Freedom

2020 is Literally A Fight for Our Freedom

America's Voice Admin
September 5, 2019

November of 2020 will be determining the future direction of our great nation. Here is why!

If the Democrats manage to elect one of the (currently) top contenders, there is little doubt that one of these will be a declared “Democrat Socialist.” All have pledged allegiance to the sweeping Socialist platform the Democrat party is now pushing. 

The House of Representatives is now overwhelmingly Democrat Socialist pushing for a more socialist-leaning government that will in effect take over our lives, not to mention confiscate a much more significant percentage of our income. 

The United States Senate is now poised to fall to the Democrats. Kentucky is not looking good for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

In fact; he is (what many experts are saying) in trouble to win his re-election bid. The younger Republican doesn’t have near the strength that McConnell has to win the seat back for the GOP. Senator Martha McSally in Arizona is also in a bad position, and it appears she is in very deep political trouble.

Then there is Georgia where we just lost GOP Senator due to health reasons. Stacey Abrams appears as though she might mount a significant challenge for this seat and she can win it. Several more seats are at the tipping point for the Republicans. The bottom line is, we do not enjoy any comfort zone and are very likely about to lose this Senate as well. 

So what happens if Elizabeth Warren does happen to win the general election?

She would likely have the mandate of the American citizens (because she did just win the election), now she would have Pelosi and company in her corner along with Senator Chuck Schumer as the new Senate Majority Leader. Can you imagine?

Keep in mind that her attack on the gun industry is not the only voice on the Democrat side of the Presidential candidate aisle voicing the same. Senators Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and Congressman Beto O’Rourke have said the same. In an interview just a few days ago, former Vice President Joe Biden categorically said he was coming for handguns and AR-15’s. 


Ponder this for a moment. President Trump some two-weeks out from the election posts a Tweet that infuriates most women voters in this nation. They are incensed over this particular Tweet. Of course, the Tweet makes headlines and stays as the talking points on almost all radio shows and nightly shows on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN for the next week. Because of this Tweet as well as many other issues, President Trump loses the election to the Democrat nominee. (It doesn’t really matter who, but he does lose in this hypothetical scenario.) 

Over the past several months, Congress has been having a busload of Republicans retiring in both the House and Senate. Just yesterday, another Republican from Texas (Congressman Flores) announced he’s leaving the House at the end of his term. This brings the count to five in the Lone Star State alone. 

Currently, there are eight races in the United States Senate that very likely will determine if the Senate remains in the hands of the Republicans or turns blue in November of 2020. Because of the massive power shift in 2018 in the House of Representatives, we would have better odds of winning the Powerball than flipping the House. For conversation purposes, just assume the House remains under the guidance of Speaker Pelosi. 

The harsh reality is; the House stay’s Democrats, the Senate will likely end up (at best) a tie at 50-50, and if the Presidency falls to the Dem’s, America as we have known it for centuries just became a Socialist nation. 

Your healthcare, as you have known it for your entire life, just became governed by the Federal government.

You’re now waiting for a month to get into seeing the doctor for any ailment, even the flu. Canada is often cited as the model the Democrats want for healthcare. 

We have already heard from most of the flock of Dem’s on strict gun legislation or outright banning of certain types of guns.

You can bank it that you’ll most likely become a criminal for owning many types of firearms if they pull off this election. 

You’re about to get “free-everything” if the Democrats garner control of the government.

However, the price you’ll pay is staggering. In fact, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and more have even admitted that taxes will rise dramatically on the middle-class and higher incomes. The number of 50-70% has been tossed out on several occasions as the tax rate to pay for all of your new “freebies.” 

Most all of the Democrats have stated in debates and on the stump that they will stop drilling for oil and natural gas. The harsh reality is, we are years and in some cases, decades away from being at the level of “Green” needed to come off fossil fuels. This will force prices at the pump to rise as well as shove us back under the thumb of Arab countries for our oil. Remember the 70s and 80s? 

The government will now be passing laws forcing you to pay for solar on your homes roof.

This is only the beginning America, what the Democrats will do with your straws, taxes on Coke, restricting your steak consumption and much more will now be dictated by Uncle Sam. 

It is time to be afraid, very, very afraid. You should probably consider donating heavily to Republican candidates of all shapes and sizes to stop this from happening because all of the above is a genuine possibility. 


By KW Crow

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