How big of a problem IS suicide

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Another school bans the American Flag on clothing. WHAT is happening to us people?!? AND... Ray Comfort is the producer of EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide. Why are more and more people turning to suicide when things go sideways in life? Ray says he asks people questions that aren't usually asked. When asking about depression, Mayo Clinic and WHO have no idea what causes depression. If they don't know what causes it, how are they trying to fix it? When you become a Christian, you're given a parachute that takes the fear out of death. For those without a belief in God, suicide rate is MUCH higher. We have an entire generation with no roots in God. It's so sad. When you make a movie about suicide, it has the appeal of a skunk with halitosis! When you die without Jesus, it's like jumping from an airplane with no parachute. When you become a Christian, you KNOW you have a parachute! Depression is less of an issue when you KNOW where you're going. Atheists believe that nothing