The GOP Needs to Face Reality

The GOP Needs to Face Reality

America's Voice Admin
August 17, 2022

Is the great State of Wyoming an omen of things to come in American politics? For the Republican Party, it likely is. 

Wyoming is about as Americana as it gets. While the state is the smallest in population, it is a good cross-section of how the United States is comprised in terms of the voting populace, at least for the Republicans.

There are few states in our nation that are more patriotic than Wyoming. Whether you're driving through the Capitol of Cheyenne, or the historic streets of Cody (named after Buffalo Bill Cody), most houses and businesses are flying an American flag. Nearly every family in the state owns a pickup truck; Tesla's are few and far between. If you walk into a bar in Laramie or a cafe in Casper, you will likely find all the men wearing cowboy boots and sporting haircuts.

Man buns and flip-flops are few and far between in this state. Ask for a cup of coffee in Wyoming, and you'll get it hot and black. There are probably not over 3 Capacino machines in the entire state. The term latte' is Latin and only students at the University in Laramie understand that terminology. 

No, the great State of Wyoming is more of a throwback to the days of "I Love Lucy" and "Leave it to Beaver." Men are men; women are tough as nails and can plow a garden better than most men. Boys still play "cowboys and Indians" or "cops and robbers." Young men are taught to shoot straight (with real guns) at a young age, and girls are taught how to care for their heifers and fillies for the county fair next summer.

Neighbors care for each other, and family means everything in this "Cowboy State." The residents of Wyoming are proud, hard-working, tax-paying Americans who value tradition, patriotism, family values, and God. Handshakes are still binding pledges and agreements in this state. 

These are the principal reasons why Congresswoman Liz Cheney was trounced so severely in yesterday's Republican Primary. 

Congresswoman Cheney (if she desired to remain in Congress) made one of the largest political blunders in American history by being part of the January 6th Committee to destroy President Donald Trump. Remember that President Trump carried Wyoming by the most significant margin of our fifty states. That being 69.94%. His percentage win should tell you quite a bit about this state's mindset and political leanings. 


A President Trump supporter believes in patriotism, hard work, national security, lower taxes, using America's energy, fighting bad guys, protecting our citizens, locking up criminals, and cleaning out corruption from main-street to Capitol Hill.

A Trump supporter fights for the Constitution and believes all elected officials should adhere to the same values.

They don't rely on the federal government and deeply believe in God. For the most part, a Trump supporter was once a flag-waving Tea Party member, and they want to return our nation to many of our founding values before liberalism vanquished many of our rights and privileges. 


Liz Cheney met her political demise in Wyoming because the mainstream Republican voter is beyond fed up with " politics as usual." They are sick and tired of Mitch McConnell capitulating to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. They are tired of the corruption on Capitol Hill, and they want politicians with spines who are willing to do battle with the Democrats.

Whether President Trump is ultimately found innocent or guilty of the investigations being held against him is irrelevant to many voters. The American people are tired of weak-willed "supposed" conservatives who are unwilling to stand up and voice the will of "We the People."

The sad truth is that today's lineup of Republicans is more interested in "keeping their jobs" rather than "doing their jobs." 

If the Republican Party believes for a minute that their "ELITISTS" posturing will gain them more power or influence in this nation, they are sadly mistaken. Yes, the GOP will do well this November, but not because the Republican Royalty is correct in their messaging. They will do well because of America's anger toward Joe Biden and the criminal element in the Democrat Party. 

For the Republicans to win elections in the future, they need to "RETURN TO TRADITIONAL AMERICAN and REPUBLICAN VALUES," AND THEY NEED to memorize a few of Donald Trump's rally speeches, then adhere to the words spoken in them. 

Good luck in your future endeavors Congresswoman Cheney, don't let the door hit you in your backside on the way out. 

By Ken Crow

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