Spy Balloons-Taiwan-The Pentagon-and Joe Biden's Failure To Protect Our Nation

Spy Balloons-Taiwan-The Pentagon-and Joe Biden's Failure To Protect Our Nation

America's Voice Admin
February 4, 2023

If the world has learned anything about China over the past 4,000 years, it is this; China does nothing spontaneously, and nothing happens in China that is not calculated and preplanned thoroughly. 

Knowing this, China would know full well that sending a "spy-balloon" over military areas of the United States would, by definition, be an "Act of War."  Therefore the following question needs to be asked, "Why did they send spy-balloons" to North America and (it is now being reported) Central America and Mexico as well? Taiwan~Cuba~Similarities~and War October of 1962 is arguably the closest the United States has ever been to a full-scale nuclear conflict with an adversarial nation. When a U. S. U-2 spy plane flew over Cuba to snap photos, it was discovered that the USSR, under the leadership of Nikita Khrushchev, had begun installing short-range nuclear missiles on this lush island only 80 miles South of Miami, Florida.  This act sent trembling fear through the Pentagon and the White House for two primary reasons. 

  1. Russia could launch a nuclear warhead that could land in Miami (killing hundreds of thousands) within a couple of minutes, and they could have done the same to our nation's Capital within only a few minutes after that. 
  2. Russia's ability to do this left America with almost zero ability to react and defend ourselves.

For President Kennedy, the next thirteen days became legendary; the rest is in the history books. Ultimately, behind the green curtain, America agreed to pull our missiles out of Turkey (which was the provocation that led to Russia installing the missiles in Cuba), and the crisis was defused.  Former President Carter decided that America needed to ally closely with Taiwan in the 1970s. Ultimately wealthy corporations began relocating manufacturing facilities, money poured into the tiny island nation, and it was only a matter of time before Taiwan began requesting military aid. As a result, the United States has supplied Taiwan with some of our finest military equipment, including fighter jets, missiles, detection systems, and billions of dollars over the past several decades. 

Much like the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, China is naturally very nervous about having American military hardware only 100 miles from its coastline. Beijing sits within only a few minutes of a missile strike (leaving China with no reaction time for defending itself). China, for decades, has claimed it "will" take the island back as part of "motherland China."  ~Timing is Everything~ By now, most of America is fully aware of the 'infamous laptop from hell' once held by President Biden's son Hunter. It is also widely known that this computer has reams of information about Hunter's relationship with nefarious Chinese oligarchs (as well as Ukrainian Billionaires). 

The computer is said to contain hundreds of emails detailing "pay for play" schemes for access to then Vice-President Biden in return for multi-million dollar payoffs for Hunter and his co-conspirators and business associates. In addition, there are (too many to mention) videos of Hunter smoking crack cocaine (while in China) and having sex with many underage girls.

Needless to say, the powers to be have a full copy of this laptop in China and are likely using it as leverage against the United States President. The last thing Biden can afford is for China to go public with this laptop and verify the contents. His son would likely go to prison, and he would be humiliated and drummed out of the White House, and China knows this.

Knowing the above and knowing that Biden will protect China at all costs (to cover his political backside), if you were China, now is the perfect time to begin moving to reclaim Taiwan.  

It was reported two days ago that Joe Biden "wanted" to shoot the potential 'spy-balloon' down, but the Pentagon advised against it. A couple of points need to be made. 

  • NORAD and our Space Command would have known only a few minutes after this balloon was launched, and it rose to a height of around 1000 feet elevation. Both would have advised the Pentagon almost immediately. 
  • This means they would have known the originating location for the launch and tracked it across the Pacific ocean. 
  • Our Generals do not worry about a farmhouse in Montana or a fishing boat in the Aleutian Islands. Their job is to protect America, which is precisely what they will do. It is ludicrous to think for a moment that a General in our military would advise AGAINST shooting down a spy-balloon. In fact, they would likely fight over "who" got to fly the F-15 or 16 to go shoot it down.   

We knew what this balloon was, so why wasn't it shot down when it was entering our air space near Alaska? The press reported (via the White House) that it was the Pentagon who advised not to shoot it down for fear it could land on people or homes and harm someone.

This balloon, over the past 3 or 4 days, has flown over our Northern Interceptor Air Force base at Great Falls, Montana. It has hovered over ICBM locations on the plains of Montana and Nebraska, our Strategic Air Command headquarters outside of Omaha, Nebraska, our B-1 Bomber base at Rapid City, South Dakota, and our B-2 (Stealth Bomber base) in Missouri. Then it traveled down to Knoxville, Tennessee, to our nation's Nuclear Laboratory (where we design and build nuclear weapons) at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Then it traveled over to our sensitive Army bases at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. Why?  Why was this balloon allowed to record-photo (or whatever it was doing) over these sensitive military bases?

One other side note, it is Knoxville, Tennessee, where the Tennessee Valley Authority is located, which controls most of the electric power for the bulk of the Eastern half of the United States. It is clear to this author that President Biden is severely compromised by Communist China, and it is time he is removed from office. This flagrant abuse of his power and his lack of protection for our nation from foreign adversaries must stop immediately. Congress should file impeachment charges post haste against this President.

Update: President Biden did order the "spy-balloon" shot down by two fighter jets after it cleared land and was over the Atlantic Ocean. The problem was that whatever data this balloon collected had likely already been sent back to China. The military went to retrieve the giant objects which were under the balloon. We may find out what this very large package (under the balloon) was and its capabilities in the coming days and weeks.   

By RAV Contributor, Ken Crow


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