Speaker Trump? Matt Gaetz Has Officially Nominated Donald J. Trump

Speaker Trump? Matt Gaetz Has Officially Nominated Donald J. Trump

America's Voice Admin
January 5, 2023

Just when you thought the voting in the House of Representatives could not become more dramatic for the position of "Speaker of the House," today, it has. 

Not since 1923 (yes, an entire century) has America witnessed a political war of this magnitude on the floor of Congress. What began with a razor-thin win by Republicans in last November's midterm elections has morphed into what nobody honestly expected (at least those officials did not expect it). 

California's 23rd district representative Kevin McCarthy was the clear front-runner for the coveted title of Speaker of the House. The most recent holder of this title has been Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. 

For McCarthy, January 3rd (the day of the official vote in Congress) could not arrive soon enough. His dedication, backroom deals, campaigning, and some 16 years of service had led him to this point; he would finally have achieved his long-term goal-"Speaker of the House." 

It should be noted; 218 votes are needed to obtain the position of Speaker. 

Typically, the position of Speaker of the House for the majority party is often predetermined, and the vote is more ceremonial than anything. 

However, this day would be different. McCarthy did not obtain 218 votes. He fell effectively 15 votes short and only garnered 203. On the other side of the aisle, all Democrats nominated New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker, and Jeffries tallied 212 for his nomination.

Strike one for the Republicans, who have the majority with 222 GOP Congressional Representatives on the floor. The second round again went to Jeffries with his 212, only this time McCarthy lost by only grabbing 202 votes, and now Congressman Jim Jordan (from Ohio) had been nominated as an alternative to McCarthy.

By round 4, Florida Congressman Byron Donalds had been nominated as Jordan said he "did not want" the time Speaker of the House. His affinity and passion is serving as Committee Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, where he can push the Hunter Biden Laptop scandal and other crimes by Democrats. If he is Speaker, he cannot serve as Committee Chairman, and it is widely known that Jordan wants to investigate the Biden Crime family (as many describe the President's family).

As of this writing, we are now into day three of voting, and round number eight is underway, with McCarthy losing yet again. HOWEVER!

Round number seven brought a bomb to the floor. Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz officially nominated former President Donald J. Trump to be the next Speaker of the House. 

At this juncture, it is apparent that Kevin McCarthy is having too many roadblocks put in his way to capture enough votes to get to the magic number of 218. Throughout this process, the most he has been to garner is 203. Even with Donald Trump's support and endorsement, McCarthy cannot get there. It is very speculative, but the tea leaves are showing that McCarthy has simply made some enemies through the years, and they are not going to support him. 

Can you nominate a former President as Speaker of the House? 

The answer is actually yes. There is no rule that states "only a sitting Congressional Representative can be Speaker."

Former President Trump could legally be Speaker of the House even if he is running for President again. 

Of course, managing the House of Representatives would undoubtedly cause some scheduling issues with his campaign going forward. 

The word has not come down "yet" as to whether Trump actually accepts this nomination and wants this title, but it does make for a very interesting set of dynamics. 

The position of Speaker of the House puts the holder of this position in the number three spot for the Presidency if (God forbid) something happens to both the President and Vice-President. 

One very important aspect of this election for Speaker of the House. It should be noted that Kevin McCarthy is a sitting member of the World Economic Forum. Historically, this would not mean much, except it is now widely known that the WEF has some very sinister ambitions for the United States (which you can read on their website). The simple fact is, having McCarthy as Speaker would or could be catastrophic for America and our freedom going forward.

Would Donald Trump be a great Speaker of the House? One thing is for certain, with Trump as Speaker and Jordan running the Judiciary, the swamp would be in serious jeopardy. 

RAV Contributor, Ken Crow


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