Senate Draws Closer to Impeachment Vote Following Defense Presentation

Senate Draws Closer to Impeachment Vote Following Defense Presentation

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February 13, 2021

U.S. senators are expected to hear final arguments in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump on Saturday, after lawyers for Trump wrapped up their presentation Friday, denying he helped incite a deadly mob attack on the U.S. Capitol and arguing the trial is a politically inspired and illegal “witch hunt.”

Lawyers for Trump made their case in three hours Friday, choosing not to use the full 16 hours allocated.

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A two-thirds vote is needed to convict Trump of a single impeachment charge, that he incited insurrection by urging hundreds of supporters to confront lawmakers at the Capitol to try to upend Biden’s victory. In the politically divided 100-member Senate, 17 Republicans would have to join every Democrat for a conviction.

As of late Friday, it appeared that only a handful of Republicans might vote to convict Trump, the only president in U.S. history to be twice impeached.

The Senate voted 56-44 on Tuesday to move ahead with the trial, rejecting Trump’s claim that it was unconstitutional to try him on impeachment charges since he had already left office. The vote also seemed to signal that relatively few Republicans appeared willing to convict him. 

Trump left Washington hours ahead of Biden’s inauguration January 20 and is living at his Florida mansion.

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